High surf expected for next 48 hours

The National Weather Service issued a high-surf advisory for southern Santa Barbara County at 5:34 a.m. this morning, warning of waves expected to be … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Big Waves in ’09

Hey guys... I was just thinking about last year and how 2009 is a year that I will never forget; so I just thought I would tell you a little it about … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: North Shore

Hey Guys, Or maybe I should say Aloha! Last week I went over to Hawaii thanks to my sponsor Roxy. It was really fun, Roxy just wanted to get a lot … [Read more...]

Anticipated swell hits the coast

After seeing Hawaii's North Shore pummeled by huge surf earlier this week, with waves big enough to hold the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau in … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: A Surfer’s Holiday Wish List

Hey guys! With the holidays coming up, I thought I'd give you what I think is the top ten best christmas gifts for a surfer! They are not in any … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Puppy Love

HEY GUYS! This past weekend I was at an NSSA contest in Newport. I didn't do so good, but somehow came back with a new puppy!! My older sister and … [Read more...]

LAKEY’S LINES: Oh-so close at Salt Creek

Two weekends ago, I had a surf contest at Salt Creek in Orange County... The waves were really fun and the winner of the contest got a FREE TRIP TO … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Santa Cruzin

Last weekend I was in Santa Cruz doing some videoing with one of my sponsors “Nike 6.0.” I had not been up to Santa Cruz much so it was really cool to … [Read more...]