Lakey’s Lines: Puppy Love


This past weekend I was at an NSSA contest in Newport. I didn’t do so good, but somehow came back with a new puppy!!

My older sister and her husband took my down on friday and I surfed with my coach from the USA team at Huntington Beach. The waves were really good. It was great, I surfed well and learned a lot. The next day we headed down to a break called Ponto’s near Encinitas. I surfed there with the USA team for a practice. We surf once a month together as a team to get ready for World’s in New Zealand in January. There are kids from all over the country who come out for these practices. My good friend Quincy Davis comes all the way from New York. I guess I’m pretty lucky to live right here and be able to drive there.

Lakey and her knew puppy

Lakey and her new puppy

Back to the puppy! We stayed at the Islands Resort which is right across from Fashion Island mall. My sister and brother in-law were looking to get a puppy but they weren’t planning on getting a dog this weekend by any means.

However, we just went into the pet store to look at the animals just for fun. But the moment we went in, we saw the cutest little puppy we’ve ever seen! I said immediately, “Please get it!”

“But a dog is a really big commitment” my brother-in-law Matt responded. But they fell in love with her just as I did. We ended up walking out with a two-month-old puppy! I was in shock but it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! It’s a Japanese dog called a Iba Neba (or something like that). She is small and shy and really smart. She doesn’t bark either. She chews a bit though. We love her and there is nothing like a puppy to make the whole house come alive!!!

Sunday was the contest. It was at Newport 54th St. The waves were overhead and dumping. It was the 6th contest for the Open Season NSSA here on the West Coast. They also have the same type of contests going on in Hawaii and the East Coast. (Click here for updated NSSA conference standings)

Nationals is held at the end of the season in June. That is when everyone from around the country comes out to California to compete against each other. The contest has been held at Trestles for 20-years straight. This year NSSA did not get their permit renewed, so the Nationals will be at Huntington Beach. This is a disappointment, but it will be exciting because it will be held at the same time the QS event is going on which will draw thousands of people to watch. I was lucky to have won last year being that it is the end of an era at Trestles and that is my favorite surf spot ever!

Sometimes it’s really hard to travel all the time because Santa Barbara is so awesome, but it does have it’s upside…We have a new puppy!!!

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