Lakey’s Lines: A Surfer’s Holiday Wish List

Hey guys!

With the holidays coming up, I thought I’d give you what I think is the top ten best christmas gifts for a surfer! They are not in any particular order, except the first two (…hint hint Dad!!).

***A  boat trip through the Mentawais Islands in Indonesia

***A jet ski for towats for those Santa Barbara summer days!

***A new Channel Islands surfboard

***A changing snuggy

***A hot water jug for when you get out of the cold water!

***The new Quiksilver heated wetsuit vest

***A Premier Surf Training gift card

***A carver skateboard, it’s crazy, it makes you feel like you are surfing on a wave!

***A trike! It’s a great way to check the surf in a fun way!

***A gift card to Backyard Bowls for when you just get out of the water and you are really hungry!!

These are all great gifts for surfers in my opinion. So if you know a surfer and you are looking to get them a gift for the holidays check some of these things out!

Thanks for reading,
Lakey P.

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