Lakey’s Lines: Movie Madness

People!! Ok, so I was thinking about what would make a good blog and I thought that it might be interesting to share with you guys my favorite surf … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: TV & La Vida Pura

EDITOR'S NOTE: Be sure to catch Lakey on her upcoming television appearances. Lakey will be on tonight's Daily Habit show on FuelTv at 2 & 5:30 … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Adventures in Oz

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while... I’ve been traveling so much through Australia, and the places I’ve been staying in haven’t had … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Continuing Down Under

Hi Guys!! Here at Laura Enever's in Narrabeen, Australia, where Laura won a junior world title. We surfed today at the same beach. Guess what?!? … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: All the way to bitter end in beautiful Piha

Hey Guys!!! Wow!! It's over, or maybe just begun? Our time here in Piha, New Zealand was a memory of a lifetime. Over 30 countries from every … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Taking Team USA into final day

Hi from New Zealand!! Wow, we are down to the final day tomorrow!!! Today the waves had dropped to 3-5 feet. The direction of the wind kept shifting … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Team USA staying strong in Piha

HI GUYS!!! Forgot where I left off...I know I told you about the big stormy day with the shark. Well, things have settled down since then. We (the … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Shark visits ISA lineup

[Read more...]