Lakey’s Lines: Big Waves in ’09

Hey guys…

I was just thinking about last year and how 2009 is a year that I will never forget; so I just thought I would tell you a little it about it while it’s still fresh.

Lakey was all smiles after winning a NSSA National Championship in June.

Winning a NSSA National Championship at Lower Trestles changed my life last year. That was a huge confidence booster for me. Plus, winning at Trestles was really cool because it is one of my favorite waves ever!

Unfortunately, Nationals will not be held there in 2010, but there is going to be another contest there so it’s not all that bad. The win helped me so much with new sponsors and getting into bigger contests! That was definitely the highlight of my year!!

But that was not all that made 2009 so special for me.

Another amazing experience for me was going to the ISA World Junior Games in Ecuador. I went to represent the US. It’s kinda like the Olympics of surf for under-18 surfers. It was really fun to get to meet so many people from all around the world!

I ended  up getting 19th overall there. But this year I’m looking to get 1st. We’ll see. This year it is in New Zealand and I leave with the USA team on the 16th. It should be fun and I hope I come back with some metal in my suitcase!!

In September, Lakey took the Roxy Bus to the SurferPoll awards show in Anaheim.

I picked up some new sponsors last year too, Roxy and Nike 6.0. They have helped me out tremendously!

One of the things that I got to do with Roxy was go to the 2009 Surfer Poll Awards. The girls at Roxy picked me up in the Roxy bus and we went to surfer poll. It was really awesome to see so many pro surfers there and see the awards handed out. The best way I can explain Surfer Poll is that it’s basically the academy awards for surfing. But instead of “Best Supporting Actress,” it’s more like, “Best Maneuver of the Year.”

Roxy is getting me into so many different contests and putting my name out there. And the same with Nike. I am so exited to continue to work with them this year!

Overall 2009 was such an amazing year, and I hope 2010 will be even better!


Lakey P.

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