Lakey’s Lines: North Shore

Hey Guys, Or maybe I should say Aloha! Last week I went over to Hawaii thanks to my sponsor Roxy. It was really fun, Roxy just wanted to get a lot … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: A Surfer’s Holiday Wish List

Hey guys! With the holidays coming up, I thought I'd give you what I think is the top ten best christmas gifts for a surfer! They are not in any … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Puppy Love

HEY GUYS! This past weekend I was at an NSSA contest in Newport. I didn't do so good, but somehow came back with a new puppy!! My older sister and … [Read more...]

LAKEY’S LINES: Oh-so close at Salt Creek

Two weekends ago, I had a surf contest at Salt Creek in Orange County... The waves were really fun and the winner of the contest got a FREE TRIP TO … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Santa Cruzin

Last weekend I was in Santa Cruz doing some videoing with one of my sponsors “Nike 6.0.” I had not been up to Santa Cruz much so it was really cool to … [Read more...]

The Lakey Peterson Surf Blog: My First Top-Ten List

As a high school student who surfs just about whenever she can, Lakey burns a lot of energy. Plus, traveling to surf contests just about every weekend … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Let’s get this thing going

Hey Guys! Let's Get This Going... Hi, I’m Lakey. I’m super excited to be starting this blog where I can talk about surfing, the thing I love to do … [Read more...]