Motivation of a Local Ultra-Runner

Although for most of us it’s hard to imagine running 100 miles, the feat has become a reality for local ultra-runner Chris Clemens. His conditioning regime consisted of a marathon a month, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and some seriously hardcore motivation–motivation created by highs and lows, community and individuality, and adventure and simplicity.

FitnessChris relates his highs and lows to a runner’s high and a runner’s pain, stating that each has a positive relationship to the other. He considers himself to be a part of an ultra-family that motivates him to continue his running passion, but he says that he upholds his solitude and individuality by training alone. He reunites with his family at race time, because his family’s support is important–but so is his “me time”. Chris finds a sense of adventure in his trail runs and simplicity in achieving a single personal goal that he has set for himself. For a deeper look into the mind of Chris the ultra-runner, check out the full article on SB Fitness.