Sandeno speaks on swimming life & the sweetness of silver

Kaitlin Sandeno missed gold at the 2004 Athens Olympic games in the 400 Individual Medley by 0.12 seconds. While she won gold later in those … [Read more...]

Sinn-Bonanni’s message to athletes: You have a duty to do your best

Pearl Sinn-Bonanni was a youth phenom and college star in golf in the 1980s. She attended Arizona State, which had a women’s golf team before the 1971 … [Read more...]

Play, believe, achieve shaped life of big-wave surfer Gerhardt

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Gerhardt balances life as mother, professor, scientist, big-wave surfer

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WeissCrax: Girls…Girls…Girls!

“Girls…Girls…Girls.  Hello, girls!” One of my fave lines from that old flick, Arthur, starring the late Dudley Moore before he died. And that’s … [Read more...]

Gannon takes young female athletes to Twilight zone

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Golda shines at Women in Sports Luncheon

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