WeissCrax: Grimmesey’s big pain, championship gain 

All the clichés work here … When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Make it happen – it only hurts for alittle while. Suzanne … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: Tour de Friends

  Fate and Bonnie Raitt brought them together 30 years ago at the County Bowl. “The Luck of the Irish” then parked a McDonnel and a … [Read more...]

Steve Rehage: Missing that special touch

In one sweeping move, it started with the great smile. Next was the hearty handshake. Then the always friendly, “Hi. How’s it … [Read more...]

Sports Volunteer of the Month: Rick ‘Buddy’ Wolin

The Hall of Fame-like numbers are in … Thousands of games under this baseball belt! Even more lives touched. And for Rick ‘Buddy’ Wolin -- … [Read more...]

Westmont’s Moore soars to 500th career victory

At this altitude, the air thins … Yes, 500-wins is at a ‘stratospheric’ level of coaching achievement! And for Westmont College's John Moore, … [Read more...]

Rain & runners shine at 1st 5K “Run for Love”

It’s an “outpouring” of support at Goleta Beach Park... WEISSCRAX: With a fun, creative flair, Randy Weiss showcases the lighter side … [Read more...]

Birthday wish nets one “for the ages”

  He only wanted one thing… No gifts and a chance to play hoops again with his buds. (OK, two things, actually…) You see, Joe Lanza, … [Read more...]

Local Special Olympians put on a “clinic”

You can have Wimbledon. The U.S. Open… And all the Grand Slam stuff. Raffa. Roger. Serena. Sharapova. They’re all yours. Give me these … [Read more...]