WeissCrax: Girls…Girls…Girls!

“Girls…Girls…Girls.  Hello, girls!” One of my fave lines from that old flick, Arthur, starring the late Dudley Moore before he died.

And that’s what it seemed like today at the National Girls and Women in Sports Day Luncheon at Earl Warren Showgrounds sponsored by the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table. Girls – actually incredible young ladies – were everywhere!

And it was here where Christa Gannon gave an “info-mercial on life.”

Gannon, as you may recall, is a well-decorated athlete and academic star. Played hoop for UCSB’s All–World Coach Mark French in the early 1990s. She was a Top 10 Finalist for the very prestigious NCAA Woman of the Year Award (1994). Went on to Stanford Law School.

You get the picture…

But she’s scored even more afterwards – giving up a potentially lucrative legal career to follow her passions. As Founder of Fresh Lifelines for Youth, she really helps others truly FLY — giving inspiration, tools and mentoring for those “at-risk.” Kids who may need to rebound with second chances.

And not just girls. All kids.

Keynote speaker Christa Gannon, center left, is flanked by Round Table President Catharine Manset-Morreale, center right, former UCSB head coach Mark French, right, and Dale Rhine, left.

WeissCrax author Randy Weiss puts his head together with Joyce Dudley, left, and Debbie Davison, middle, at Monday's Women in Sports Luncheon at Earl Warren Showgrounds.

Over 500 attended Monday's special luncheon.

The line was out the door at Warren Hall.

During her lively feature presentation (no notes that I could see) she spoke of the critical importance of youth sports development programs for building the fundamentals of life.

“Those who play sports are more likely to do well in school,” she said.

Gannon spoke of character…values…teamwork …hard work, as being as important in sport and life as they are for our country.  Further, she spoke of equality, much like Joan “Trouble Maker” Russell Price, SBART Board Member, Executive Director of the Montecito YMCA and local rockstar highlighted in her earlier Stay Strong, Play On presentation.

And Gannon’s TWILIGHT ZONE showcased essential traits for living in the moment…for keeping a focus…and for maintaining a healthy life perspective everyday.

Even though she claims herself to be “a work in progress” it is clear that in the game of life – Christa Gannon is a superstar.

I loved her inspirational message so much that, looking back, it reminds me of that line in the old Jerry Maquire movie: she“…had me at hello”

Gannon “Key Stats”

* 25 – Fave number

* Was “horrible” at volleyball

* UCSB Women’s Hoopster

* Academic All-American

* Stanford Law Grad

* Founded FLY

* Wife, Mom with 2 kids

* Coaches kid’s hoop team

Gannon’s TWILIGHT Traits

T    Tenacity

W   Walking towards balance

I    Intuition

L   Listen to your inner voice

G    Go with the Flow

H    Happy

T   Teachable