Eight new Gauchos headed to Hall of Fame

The UCSB Athletics Department will induct eight new members into its Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame at a banquet on Saturday, April 24, 2010, … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: Girls…Girls…Girls!

“Girls…Girls…Girls.  Hello, girls!” One of my fave lines from that old flick, Arthur, starring the late Dudley Moore before he died. And that’s … [Read more...]

Gannon takes young female athletes to Twilight zone

If wealth was measured by the positive impact someone has had on young people, Christa Gannon would be on the Forbes 400 list. It's fitting, then, … [Read more...]

Gannon will talk about learning to FLY on Monday

Kids who commit a lane violation are getting another shot thanks to Christa Gannon. Top-of-the-heap graduates from Stanford Law School generally … [Read more...]

Round Table enters a new decade at Harry’s

Is it really 2010? That question's made some people feel like time is flying by, and Carpinteria boys basketball coach John Ward felt the twinge of … [Read more...]