Sansum Nutrition for Athletes: To be or not to be… GLUTEN-FREE

Gluten-free – two little words have taken the athletic world by storm. GLUTEN FREE GOOD FOR ATHLETES? Nutritional information … [Read more...]

Sansum Nutrition for Athletes: Eating for Recovery and Performance

Sansum Clinic Dietitian Gerri French explains recovery nutrition. When is the best time to eat after training? What foods provide optimal nutrition … [Read more...]

Sansum Clinic Nutrition for Athletes: Carb Loading – How to Correctly Harness Your Energy

Sansum Clinic Registered Dietitian, Emily Luxford, breaks down carb loading for athletes. Almost as soon as we are taught to ride bikes, run the mile … [Read more...]

Sansum Clinic Nutrition for Athletes: Don’t Go Too Nuts

March is National Nutrition Month at Sansum Clinic. The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic’s Registered Dietitian, Sarah Washburn, … [Read more...]

Sports Volunteer of the Month: Dr. Dan Brennan

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH Volunteers often go under-recognized even though they are extremely important to the athletic community. So important … [Read more...]

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