Sports Volunteer of the Month: Dr. Dan Brennan


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Volunteers often go under-recognized even though they are extremely important to the athletic community.

So important that many of the sporting events and organizations key to our lives wouldn’t be possible without those who donate their time to assist others.

Presidio Sports and Pacific Western Bank have joined forces to change that. This new monthly spotlight series is our way of thanking those that selflessly give themselves for the benefit of many.

To all volunteers making a difference, we salute you.

Dr. Dan Brennan

Dr. Dan Brennan is a local pediatrician who volunteers with a variety of local sports organizations.

For his complete dedication, quiet commitment and expansive leadership in serving local youth in nearly all phases of his life, Dr. Dan Brennan is named Volunteer of the Month for January 2013.

On the personal side, he?s logged countless hours as a multi-sport (soccer, baseball, hoops) coach ? an American Youth Soccer Organization boys double division administrator? a Dos Pueblos Little League vice president ? and a Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable board member.

On the professional side, he?s a devoted Sansum Clinic pediatrician (since 2001) with a bustling practice focused on caring for children and their families.

It all adds up to a labor of love, and a truly unique way of ?giving back? in appreciation?for those who?ve had a positive?impact in helping him and his young family ? wife, Yael and their three active sons: Josh (8), Andy (5) and Matt (2).

Speaking of practice, there?s no place in the world he?d rather be than coaching on the practice field with his young sons and their friends ?

?If I could make a living just doing that, it would be incredible,? he quips.

?But, seriously, I just want everyone to have a positive experience. Plus, it?s great bonding time with my kids, their friends and their families.?

DPLL practice

Dan warms up his infielders before a DPLL All-Stars game last summer.

It all started when registering Josh for AYSO – Brennan signed up as his coach. His own soccer playing days as a San Marcos Royal would serve him well here.

On deck was t-ball with Dos Pueblos Little League (later followed by All Stars & Slugger club baseball).

Then coaching Josh in basketball at ?The Y?.

AYSO Region 122 (serving 3,000 kids from Goleta, SB & Montecito) Administrator John Maloney soon tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he could lead the Boys U5 & U6 Divisions — coordinating nearly 75 teams and 500 kids — mostly first time athletes.

And many first time coaches.

Brennan enthusiastically jumped in headfirst and now spends a good portion of his summer?preparing for AYSO?s fall soccer season ? and loves it!

?Dan has been the AYSO Division Administrator for five years now,? says Maloney. ?Because he knows many of the families from other sports, and because of his knowledge of child development, he has done an excellent job forming teams and managing coaches. He continues to make our boys’ first soccer experience a fun and exciting one.?

DPLL also noticed something special here? asked him to serve on their board? and he?s hit a grand slam here beyond his coaching.

With his total immersion in youth sports, ?Dr. Dan? also serves the community in a larger, grander way — as a seasoned medical professional who truly understands ?player development,? and who also helps mend the athletic bruises and sports injuries of these young warriors.

He?s a local expert on childhood health and nutrition, who?furthered as a wonderfully invaluable community resource for young families looking for the right opportunity to introduce their child(ren) to team sports.

?As a board member, and a pediatrician, Dan has a unique perspective on our youngest children,? adds Maloney. ?His advice has been instrumental to many of the decisions we have made to promote developing soccer players in the Santa Barbara area.?

?In addition to all these extra-curricular community activities, Dan is a terrific doctor and a wonderful quarterback for the healthcare of many local children.?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ~ Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, Sansum Clinic CEO and Chief Medical Officer

And for Brennan, well, it all comes with the territory?

And what a territory it is!

He says that he was very fortunate to grow up here in a loving home — his dad, Bernie, was a well-known and well-liked Santa Barbara City College chemistry professor for 30 years prior to his recent retirement; and his mom Mary, also retired, was a longtime local elementary school teacher.


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