Meditation for Greater Health

When is the last time you set your phone down, turned the TV off, and tuned everyone out, even for just ten minutes? With our busy lifestyles, it’s important for all of us to detach and de-stress every once in a while. One way to do this is through meditation—focusing your attention to develop mindfulness, relieve stress, and create a deeper sense of empathy. In fact, studies have shown that daily meditation will improve overall health and decrease stress levels. It can be done anywhere too—even in a hot bubble bath! Mindfulness

In order to focus yourself on your present thoughts, it’s key to practice conscious breathing and muscle relaxation. If you need some meditation guidance, there are endless tutorials online and even instructional classes available locally. There’s more to health than just diet—mental balance is crucial to maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle! Check out the full article on SB Fitness to get the rest of the scoop on beginning your meditation practice.