Volunteer of the Month: Aaron Brown


Pacific Western Bank in Santa Barbara

This monthly series is made possible by Pacific Western Bank

Volunteers often go under-recognized even though they are extremely important to the athletic community.

So important that many of the sporting events and organizations key to our lives wouldn’t be possible without those who donate their time to assist others.

Presidio Sports and Pacific Western Bank have joined forces to change that. This new monthly spotlight series is our way of thanking those that selflessly give themselves for the benefit of many.

To all volunteers making a difference, we salute you.


A tireless champion for Special Olympics of Santa Barbara as a long-time hoops coach ? multi-year member and now current chair of its Leadership Council ? and generous sponsor/presenter of the Special Athlete of the Month Award at the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table (psst: he serves on their Board, too!) press luncheons — Aaron Brown is named ?Presidio Sports’ Volunteer of the Month, an award made possible with the support of Pacific Western Bank.

Aaron Brown, with his basketball team, has coached for Special Olympics Santa Barbara since 2005. (Courtesy Photo)

How it all started?

?Let?s roll back the tape ?.?

It?s 2005 and Brown is already several years in at local Albertson?s and buying time on aligning his life?s course ? he?s ?self-sufficient? and amazingly debt-free after successfully attaining his own SBCC associates and UCSB bachelors degrees — benefit of stocking shelves on graveyard shift and then schooling — both full-time.

His dreams of a pro baseball career are shelved, too — having torn his labium shortly after being drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, only six months after Quartz Hill HS graduation in Lancaster.

So to nurture his long-term goal of a head-coaching and/or teaching gig some day, this avid sports enthusiast is in his third year as an assistant volunteer coach for Bishop High School?s baseball team and coaches Brian Moulton and Dave Pintard.

Enter Juan Aleman ?.

If you don?t know Juan, well, he best symbolizes the real passion of Special Olympics ? he?s a seasoned Olympian, basketball gamer and energized human who only knows one speed in life ? zoom zoom!!

He and Aaron are best buds at Albertson?s, which – like Vons – is long known for its incredible commitment for hiring individuals with life challenges and special needs. Aleman is an experienced customer service specialist/bagger.

Gratis for this friendship is Juan providing Aaron with a waaay-up-close-and-very-personal-view of an entirely different world ? much like us ?muggles? looking into Harry Potter?s fascinating world of wizards — imagine that?

Juan?s world, according to Aaron, is one ?without filters? ? one where there?s ?no games, no jealousy? ? one where ?what you see is what you get? every day and with every interaction.

So one day when Aaron asks his pal to help at baseball practice ? Juan jumps at the opportunity and it turns out being a great experience for all!

So one day later Juan asks his pal Aaron to be his Special Olympics hoops coach.


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