WeissCrax: Third Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary Edition

OK, let?s be totally honest ? It?s not ?John Zant quality? here. Or ?Mark Patton caliber,? either. And in the interest of full journalistic … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: Soccer…. Shhh

There was some weird, spooky stuff going on this past weekend -- all happening within a tight 18-hour span on the UCSB campus!! First, Friday eve … [Read more...]

Weisscrax: Nothing but records in local cancer fight race

The numbers are staggering ? in a good way!! On Sunday morning, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara (CCSB) and Four Seasons Resort Santa Barbara … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: Santa Barbara’s Top Summer Stars

Forget presidential elections and national conventions. Clint, too ? Absolutely nothing stirs quicker debate for Mankind than Top-10 … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: Tri some Sunday inspiration

You likely don?t know Cristina Cook. Umm ? just met her myself!! This recent UCSB Environmental Studies grad will soon be making her mark on the … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: America’s newest triathletes make big local splash

Goleta?s Elings Aquatic Center with World Class weather conditions is today?s launching pad for this next generation of triathlete? It?s the 6th … [Read more...]

WEISSCRAX: Ho, Shalhoub & local fare ‘eat up’ Chuck’s 33rd Fun Run

It?s a special fraternity of sorts? The Santa Barbara sports community, that is. And already aligned within its seasonal summer … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: French birds of a feather

They flew in from near and far ? From perches Newport Beach ? Westwood ? Seattle ? Phoenix ? Hawaii ? China ? and everywhere else. Now … [Read more...]