WeissCrax: Third Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary Edition

Longtime local sports writers John Zant, left, and Mark Patton

OK, let?s be totally honest ?

It?s not ?John Zant quality? here.

Or ?Mark Patton caliber,? either.

And in the interest of full journalistic disclosure?

We?ve heard ?nada? (so far) from?The Pulitzer People?(tho heard they?re meeting next week!!)

But, no matter what these uber-journalistic-excellence-standards dictate ?

It don?t matter!! Because what a blast ? sportz writing, er, blogging for Presidio Sports!!


This piece (# 100 for anyone scoring at home) marks a milestone — third anniversary!!

WeissCrax???Sports Figure of the Month???occasional race coverage ? fun fotos & spotlights ? investigative sportz reporting, er, blogging like nobody?s business ? and other stuff!!

The author with Olympian Kami Craig

Have met with ? been inspired by ? and written,?er, blogged about ? truly amazing local humans of all ages ?

And amongst recent personal fave moments:

* Interviewing her via iPhone, then two weeks later ? BAM!! I?m shoulder-to-shoulder (not in the pool, of course ? that?d be really stupid) with USA Olympic Water Polo Star, Kami Craig!!

* Then there?s catching up with fellow?Presidio Sports?writer,?er, blogster, Lakey Peterson, far from home as she?s torching the surfing world en route to her first?U.S. Open of Surfing?title featuring the best women surfers in the world!!

* Not to mention — always proudly wearing a?Presidio Sports Press Pass!! Yes, the one wanked for to PS ?BossMan? John Dvorak ? a?WeissCrax?maneuver perfected years earlier in working great dad,?Big Tom?for a?NY Met?helmet our first time at Shea Stadium (?65)!!

Secret writing, er, blogging oasis

* Plus, kudos to good pals — the Shackelfords — for allowing?WeissCrax Nation?a rare, insider?s view (and, of course, the accompanying scoop:?Wii are the Champions) — at the most sacred, pre-game team dinner the night before perennial MVP Kiley Neushul and her DP Chargers are crowned ?4-peat? 2011 CIF Water Polo Champs ? all an incredible testament to these talented young ladies just savoring life?s truly magical moments!!

* And,?ya’know, these late night, early morning and weekend writing,?er, blogging projects all are crafted on laptop, stealing time anywhere and everywhere all around town!!

* And a great pleasure for this investigative sportz reporter, er, blogger ? using polished?60 Minutes-like?interrogation skills to get ?the real story? ? like on star coaches B. Chuckie Roth (SMHS), Mark Walsh (SBHS), Carlene Mitchell (UCSB) and even AYSO?s John Maloney?

Young Blogster

* And even witnessing younger sensations like sharp Grant Schroeder, Walker Bell and little bud, Ryan Fitch ? already doing unbelievable things in sport, in life!!

All in all ? a great ride and a looong way from a fantasy launched years ago over?Frosted Flakes?and Dick Young?s?NY Daily News?sports column!!

And the absolute best part about this writing, er, blogging gig is ?

Ryan Fitch

Ryan Fitch

Just being on the sidelines with notepad in hand?

On the pool deck with point-and-shoot camera ready ?

Just talking local sports ?

Attending the many?Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable?Monday Press Luncheons and other awesome events with and around these wonderful athletes and community stars who continue to amaze and, ?

And, of course, hanging out with the real sport media gurus who actually know what they are doing: ?The Local Deans? ? Patton & Zant and all the other pros ? all greatly admired for their unique way they hone on their craft every day ? guys like Dvorak, Barry Punzal, Mike Klan, Mike T., etc. ? all a welcoming and wonderful fraternity!!

DPHS star Grant Schroeder, left, with local legend Joe Howell

And there is much more to learn from their?Gold Standard?? still beyond reach!!

Yes, the?Santa Barbara Sports Scene?is one incredible place?

And this is one lucky dude now three years strong ?

And especially thankful today because yours truly, occasionally, gets to live here ?

And what a blast writing, er, blogging about it!!

– – – – –

Extra special thanks, as always, to Founding Co-Publisher John Dvorak for the fun writing, er, blogging opportunities and all my esteemed Presidio Sports?colleagues for their always support & encouragement!!?

Happy Thanksgiving from WeissCrax Nation!!