Lakey’s Lines: Taking Team USA into final day

Hi from New Zealand!!

Wow, we are down to the final day tomorrow!!!

Today the waves had dropped to 3-5 feet. The direction of the wind kept shifting around and being that the beach is long and large, there are alot of different places to take off and surf. You really have to watch what the tide is doing according to where the wave will break, very tricky!!!

I surfed today in one heat for the girls 18 and under. I’m still alive for one more day! I got second in my heat to a New Zealand girl who is on Roxy with me. She actually lives in Australia but is representing New Zealand. She is super nice. I’m glad she had a good heat, but I was sad for my teammates Courtney Conlogue and Taylor Pitz who got 3rd and 4th.

Santa Barbara's Lakey Peterson passes teammate Taylor Pitz on Wednesday in New Zealand. (Cory Scott/ISA Photo)

That means I am the only girl from the USA left in the competition. It will all come down to three heats tomorrow. The top 8 girls from all the countries around the world represented here are left, we shall see what happens. I can only try my very hardest, right?

Sometimes that just means relaxing a bit and not forcing it, but just know and surf! The guys remaining are Kolohe Andino, Jake Halstead and Trevor Thorton. They are all in the 16-and-under boys division. We have no 18 boys left in the standings.

It is going to be close as to what medal our team will get. Only two boys out of the three can make it to the final. I just have to surf my very best! So please think good thoughts for Team USA tomorrow Santa Barbara!! All in all, it has been a tremendous experience I will never forget!

I’ll have more to report at the end of the day tomorrow…stay tuned.

Lakey Peterson is reporting from the ISA World Juniors Surfing Championship in Piha, New Zealand.