Lakey’s Lines: Continuing Down Under

Hi Guys!!

Here at Laura Enever’s in Narrabeen, Australia, where Laura won a junior world title. We surfed today at the same beach.

Guess what?!?  There was another shark scare!! (See: Shark Visits ISA Lineup)

This time it struck though. A man pushing his kid into the waves this morning. We still paddled out though. Security in numbers! Big event in Narrabeen this weekend. All top male pros, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, and more competing for their surf clubs.

Now for Roxy shopping at Roxy Quiksilver shop in Manly. We have been to Raglan surfing perfect lefts in New Zealand, then to Old Bar to surf some heavier waves. Cute town, very laid back, down to earth people. Spent time with friends that now seem like family.

Lakey starts the Australian leg of her trip with a bird's eye view of the Sydney harbor.

This has been a truly amazing trip, starting with my experience in New Zealand.

Have you ever been looking forward to something all year in anticipation of it….then it comes and goes and you are left with so much more then a memory but a life experience that makes you grow, change and helps you become the person you are?

I feel like the ISA World Junior Surf Championships in Piha, New Zealand did just that.

Lakey passing some time at the airport.

It was a 10-day event with so many surprises, you never knew what to expect and until it just happened! Coming into the final day of the event Team USA had 3 surfers left. To get the gold medal, we all had to definitely get into the final heat. Our 18 boys were out.

It left Kalohe Andino (NSSA National Champion) and Jake Halstead left in the boys 16s and me in the girls 18s. They both had one heat to go to make it to the final. Kalohe was the favorite to win the whole thing, but guess what, he didn’t end up making the final? Jake did though, he is also a very good surfer.

Then it was my turn. I had two heats left to make it through to the podium to win a medal and help my team win one too. I hadn’t had a super stellar performance yet, so I was due, and guess what…I did it when I needed to fortunately. I came through my first heat with a 9 and a 7!!! First 9 of the competition for a girl. I was stoked cuz it put me into the semifinal.

Guess what again?…  I won my semifinal heat so I made it into the final!

By the time we surfed the final the tide had gone out so far the waves were breaking in a completely different area then the morning. I got stuck in an area where there weren’t a lot of waves coming through.

There are so many variables in this sport…the judging, the waves, size, shape, speed, etc, , each heat is always different. I was in 2nd place till the very end of the heat and knew to win I needed a big score, so I paddled over to where Tyler Wright was, the heat leader…it was too late, I used up my last 3 minutes moving to that area and didnt get a wave there either. Where I had been Alyssa Quizon ended up getting a wave and jumping in front of me and almost winning!!! Moral of the story…be patient, have fun and have faith! the wave will come, dont force it.

All in all, it was the most fantastic experience and one i will never forget. i came away with so much more then a copper medal for myself and a bronze with the team. i came away with new friends, a better understanding of the sport of surfing, memories of a magical place that will forever be a part of my soul and an appreciation for God who gives me all good things

We r good, thanks for listening,

lakey’s lines

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