Lakey’s Lines: Black Friday surfer style

Hi everybody!!! Hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for the holiday season! As some of you might know, last year around this time I made … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Oakley World Junior was awesome!

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is doing well! Bali has been an amazing experience for me. The contest (Oakley World Jr. Championships) was awesome! The … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Off to Bali

Hi everyone!! OK so here is the low down on what I have been up to... Well I just got back from Brazil about three days ago and I am now once … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: U.S. Open here I come

Hi Everyone! I’ve been so busy lately, I was in Idaho for a little while with my family and now I am surfing as much as I can getting ready for the … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Contest Connection

Hey guys!  I've been so busy lately with contests! I just finished a contest at Lower Trestles yesterday, and now it's NSSA Nationals. The … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Next stop Nike headquarters

What up guys! Ok so my last blog was about my amazing time in the Mentawai Islands in Indo, and I went on that boat with my sponsor … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Stoked in the Mentawais

Hey guys, So I finally made it to the Mentawai Islands (Click Here for a Map)!! I just got back from Indonesia a couple of days ago and want to tell … [Read more...]

Lakey’s Lines: Home Sweet Home

What's up guys, Well my adventure has come to an end... After the stitches and all that I got to surf in the Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks. I was in the … [Read more...]