Lakey’s Lines: Home Sweet Home

What’s up guys,

Well my adventure has come to an end… After the stitches and all that I got to surf in the Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks. I was in the trials; Basically there is 12 girls in the trials and they are all amateur surfers but are trying to go pro and whoever wins the trials gets a spot in the main (pro) event. The way you get into the trials is by getting a wild card.

Unfortunately I had a shocker heat and lost first round. Nonetheless it was great experience and I hope I can go back next year and give a bit of a better performance.

Floridian Evan Geiselman won the Ron Jon SI Pro while Malia Manuel was tops in the Skullcandy Junior Pro. (Lorraine Guthrie/ASP Photo)

I got back from Australia a couple of weeks ago and I had to leave for a junior pro contest in Florida right away. The waves were tiny!!!!!  I ended up getting third there. I’m really pleased with getting third considering it’s the first junior pro I’ve ever done.

On the flight home, I was listening to Taylor Swift on my ipod to get ready for the Rincon Classic which started the day I got back. I had to get off the plane at LAX and drive straight to Rincon for my heat! It didn’t bother me though because I was so excited… I love this event!


I just finished the Classic and I got second which I’m bummed about but I’m really happy for the girl who won… she deserved it! I also got to do the air show! As you all know, I love to do airs but I kinda had a shocker heat… no worries though, I had nothing to lose.

It was a perfect weekend for the Classic. Great waves and sun. What more could you ask for???

Overall, it was really fun but, more than anything, I’m glad to be home and just relax for a little while.

Thanks for reading!

Lakey P :)