Lakey’s Lines: Contest Connection

Hey guys! 

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I’ve been so busy lately with contests!

I just finished a contest at Lower Trestles yesterday, and now it’s NSSA Nationals. The last contest I had (the one at Lowers) was for the USA surf team. The waves were sooooo good for it, so I was happy. I didn’t win the contest but I felt like I surfed well and had the opportunity to do an air-reverse in one of my heats!!

I was really excited because no girl has every done that in any surf contest ever! 

This year Nationals is at Huntington Beach, not Trestles. The waves forecast says the waves should just be really fun through the event so I’m stoked! If you guys want to tune in and watch some of my heats just go to and it will tell you where to go from there.

Hope all of you guys are having a great summer!


Lakey P. :)

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