WeissCrax: In love with Leadbetter


On my way to my workout – the most amazing thing happened … fell in love with Santa Barbara.


Same thing happened yesterday. Different reason.

Today it started when I decided to SHAKE THINGS UP A LITTLE. Instead of a morning jog from my new flat – thought:


Hello, huh?

So I zipped over (as in drove) to Shoreline Park, laced up my sneakers and headed by foot(s) towards Leadbetter Beach.

Other like-minded individuals enjoying the weekend's amazing weather.

Had no real plan. Was thinking about jogging along the bike path to San Diego – and that’s about when things went not-so-horribly wrong.

After spotting two happy surfer girls by their car – I decided to get a closer, more better look at the action.

Surf action.

Took a quick shortcut down to the beach. Past the cool tree with the slingshot-like mid-section. Then picked up too much speed and totally wiped-out in the dirt.

The guy chillin’ there on the big rock didn’t flinch, though expressed alarming concern:

You OK, Dude?

Yes. No damage. Back on my feet, faster than Tig, er, no, never mind…

This tree framed the Leadbetter lineup perfectly

A few upright steps further, and with a Neil Armstrong lunar landing-like impact on sand – Beach Boys tunes started blasting in my head — so Help Me, Rhonda!

ALWAYS happens…

Immediately up ahead a very innocent looking sea gull was shoreline bathing, though more likely re-fueling for dive-bombing cars on Route 101…

A group of surfers and one standup paddler rode some long but small waves …

Three people speaking a different language strolled by…

Could see some other folks eating at the restaurant’s tables on the sand…

Further up: sailboats, kayaks and some BIG aquatic toys were restrained behind the locked fence, though seemingly ready for fun action….

It all reminded me that this little stretch of beach was one prime piece of soft real estate!

I ran some sprints at waters’ edge. Got as far as the Marina – where life was just starting. Took more photos.

Mr. Sea gull checks the surf

Leadbetter Beach looking towards Shoreline Park.

Then opted for THE MOST INTENSE WORKOUT ON THE PLANET – stadium steps across the street at Santa Barbara City College’s LaPlaya Stadium.

That a whole ‘nother story…

Afterwards, the last leg of the return uphill trip back to the car was slower – soaking up the sights from the tiny sliver of well-warn grass between the sidewalk and Shoreline Drive.

Made it!

Not bad. In only an hour – not only did I get a great workout but also a mini va-cay.

Just another reason why I love SB. More manana…

# # #

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