WeissCrax: The virtues of turning into a “MoBro”

Group Fitness — It’s never been my thing.

Until last year. That’s when I took a flying leap at a friend’s urging.

Now I’m a “MoBro” — my manly-man descriptor for a being among a handful of dudes in estrogen-laden Momentum 4 Life, an amazing local training group about 10 years strong.

There are seventy athletes, including 65 of the most incredible women you’ll ever meet. Like guys, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds. Only no egos (WOW, what’s all that about!?). All are my new bfs (best friends).

"Polar Bears" ready for a brisk swim in November.

Saturday-morning training consists of spirited one-hour track workouts. After last year’s two-month summer triathlon training, I couldn’t wait for the full 2010 season. It’s here and provides balance, focus, and foundational work/muscle memory for upcoming races.

It’s all masterfully choreographed by Dawn Schroeder, M4L Founder, wonderful friend and local rock star who has a heart of gold along with a fun, competitive spirit. And don’t be taken by the killer smile – Dawn is the real deal, as are all her coaches. Husband Rich, of USA Olympic Gold, is my extraordinary swim guru during summer training. Their prodigy, Grant and Erica, are already “off the charts” as great kids and decorated athletes.

Yeah for me, I thought it would be fun to add “Elite Sprint Triathlete” (whatever that means) to my extensive list of recent athletic achievements. After 2009’s SB Triathlon finish, playing charity golf tournaments bumped down to number two… That’s the list!

The transformation to MoBro hasn’t really been all about sport. There are great workouts, of course, and pushing outer boundaries, while still breathing. It all has opened new doors and perspective – a la swimming with Ocean Ducks, core training, Pilates and (…do that drumroll in your head thing here…) living more in every moment.

At the finish line of the SB International Marathon

What comes with this M4L package is gratis for the taking: INSPIRATION. Overcoming challenge. Real life successes surviving breast cancer… loss… separation… dealing with kid issues. It’s all here, and it’s raw, powerful stuff. Saturdays are really about energizing and nurturing the soul. Sweat cements connections.

Safe to say, my M4L bfs “give me the treatment” every week – wouldn’t want it any other way!

Group fitness and supporting the team is what my new MoBro life is all about…

Top 10 Tips for Successful MoBro Living

10. Be open and keep a healthy attitude. Life’s seasoning never tasted so good.

9. No shortcuts, please – or you’ll be busted. And it comes with a smile. Trust me here.

8. Be well-versed on a wide array of topics – everything is fair game. Pull your weight.

7. Laugh at yourself every chance you get. Others will too.

6. Enthusiastically support all related venues. Do coffee or cocktails whenever asked.

5. “Trump Cards” don’t work. Don’t go there. These are professionals. Won’t be pretty.

4. Listen for familiar, expressive lingo — especially when diving into a freezing cold ocean.

3. Say yes to everything – even when you have no clue what’s involved.

2. Aim high and shoot for the stars as you have here the most spirited fan base on the planet.

1. Breathe and savor every moment – it doesn’t get “more better” than this.

Momentum 4 Life founder Dawn Schroeder and the author.

Randy Weiss’ “WeissCrax” appears regularly on PresidioSports.com


  1. Debby Davison says

    Randy Weiss has been OUR inspiration. He is humble about his sacrificing a kidney to a co-worker, he is optimistic about everything, his smile is infectious and he makes everyone he knows feel special. We are honored to have him in M4L. See you at the pool Randy!

    Debby Davison

  2. NameJim Alexander says

    Great piece, Randy. Really enjoyed it.

  3. NameJim Alexander says

    Great piece, Randy. Really enjoyed it.