WeissCrax: A top-10 guide to charity golf tourneys

GLEN ANNIE GOLF COURSE, GOLETA — Time for the Santa Barbara Foresters 10th Annual Turkey Day  Shootout Tournament —impeccable conditions for having fun!

And in this non-profit or charity world of golf – as in fundraisers for charitable organizations – fun is what it’s all about. Plus, raising critical funding – the lifeblood of all programs. Especially today in these challenging times.

Excitement abounds at check-in! There’s a fun goody bag and Mulligans (as in do-overs that don’t count towards your score) to buy, raffle chances and a putting contest. Silent auction items sit nearby awaiting bids. A live auction is later. On the course are additional incentives – such as hole-in-one and closest-to-the-pin contests.

The Foresters, World Champs in 2006 and 2008, do baseball and golf right. Of course, they are always champions off the field, as well, for their award-winning Hugs for Cubs Program – “created in 1995 through the inspiration of Foresters pitcher Eric Pintard who suffered from a rare form of spinal cancer,” according to its website www.sbforesters.org.

Coach Pintard bows his head as the National Anthem is sung.

Coach Pintard bows his head as the National Anthem is sung.

“Hugs for Cubs give kids who are battling cancer a very personal opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of baseball in helping them gain the strength and feel the love they need to face – and beat – cancer,” said Bill Pintard, Foresters Head Coach and Eric’s dad.

After the National Anthem, there’s remembrance for Eric (EP19 – his initials and jersey number adorn the Foresters sweatshirt in each goody bag) and a moment of silence for the recent passing of young Trent Gerke, the Foresters #1 fan and Hugs for Cubs participant.

Today’s field is full with 144 players – not always the case these days at other local tourneys. There is great energy here! So, “let’s get to the highlights…”

Extensive 2009 research, conducted locally in the good-natured world of charity golf, has identified 347 unspoken rules of the game. Here are the ones that everyone needs to know:

Top 10 Rules for Charity Golf (With apologies to David Letterman)

10. Stay hydrated – there’s usually an array of refreshing beverages from which to choose.

9. There are no calories at these venues – so please eat with reckless abandon, in case you’re not already.

8. Savor every incredible view because it surely beats any thing else you’d be looking at – unless you really are Tiger Woods.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to make fun, inappropriate comments about others in your foursome along with others around you – because they’ll soon be firing stuff off about you.

6. Margaritas actually work as “WD-40” in lubricating your swing. Finding the right combo is the trick.

5. Turn off your cell phone, Blackberry and PDA. Today you’re not really that important.

Field Support

Field Support

4. If playing for “hardware” as in championship trophy – you’re likely in the wrong place.

3. Gentlemen, the refreshment vehicle attendants don’t think you’re as hot as you may think you are.

2. If you didn’t bring your best game today – nobody cares…or notices.

1. When it comes to scoring, “Let your conscience be your guide” doesn’t work here. Trust me.

Ah, what the heck – here are a few more…

  • If your wayward ball lands in someone’s cart on a different fairway, say “Sorry, dude” without laughing.
  • Pick up any and all clubs found on the course – even the bent ones.
  • If you play the wrong ball, act like you didn’t know it if you get busted.
  • “Hydration” (over/under) is the #1 cause for losing track of Mulligan count.

You get the picture – and it is all about having fun…and raising money for a great cause(s). Yes, like today.

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