SB’s Ocean Swimmer of the Year competition underway

As the annual Semana Nautica sports festival arrives in Santa Barbara, so does the Ocean Swimmer of the Year competition that stretches over two weeks … [Read more...]

TEAM EFFORT: Reef & Run organizers see event hit its stride

Ocean swimming is Jane Cairns’ passion. And, with the Pacific as her backyard, she wanted a way to share that passion with the … [Read more...]

Jones, 73, channeling her energy to cover swim lessons for youth

Monica Jones is the BFF — best friend forever — to local swimming. Her history proves it. In 2009, she was part of a group that got the Los … [Read more...]

Brewer is first to shore in Boat to Beach swim

Ben Brewer capped an incredible summer of ocean swimming by winning the Boat to Beach Swim at the Reef and Run  season finale Thursday at East … [Read more...]

Valente, Schipper are first to reach the beach

Alex Valente and Carina Schipper were the first to touch dry land at Reef and Run's season-ending Boat-to-Beach ocean swimming event on Thursday, … [Read more...]

Reef & Run results (6/27/2013)

One-Mile Swim (Place, Name, Age, Gender, Time)(x=no wetsuit) 1 Chris Braden 22 m 20.17 2 Adrienne Brown 28 f 21.59 3 Steven Hunt 29 m 22.47 4 … [Read more...]

Bell tops Reef & Run’s ‘Boat to Beach Swim’

From the boat to the beach, Walker Bell beat out Alex Valente in Reef & Run's season-ending ocean swim on Thursday evening in a race that started … [Read more...]

Valente, Warkentin top large field at Reef & Run

Thursday's Reef & Run event at East Beach saw 72 complete the 1-mile ocean swim, making it the strongest turn-out since the season-opener in … [Read more...]