Bell tops Reef & Run’s ‘Boat to Beach Swim’

Boat to Beach Ocean Swim

A pack of swimmers stays on course heading straight for the Cabrillo Bath House. (Presidio Sports Photos)

From the boat to the beach, Walker Bell beat out Alex Valente in Reef & Run’s season-ending ocean swim on Thursday evening in a race that started over 1,000 meters off shore in front of the Cabrillo Bath House at East Beach.

Competitors get ready while on the boat trip out to the starting buoy.

Sixty-five swimmers were shuttled from the Santa Barbara Harbor onboard Conception. Once in position off of East Beach, the swimmers leaped into the water and swam ashore with the guidance of City Lifeguards.

Bell, 15, recorded a winning time of 10 minutes and 55 seconds. Valente, also 15, was second in 11.17.


Moose Warren won the women’s race in 12.17 and was 9th overall.

Ben Brewer, Jerry Mahoney and Jason Smith rounded out the top-five overall.