Visin, Waltman on top at UCSB’s Kendra Payne Triathlon

Kyle Visin and Jon Waltman were triumphant in the Open and Collegiate races of the Kendra Payne Triathlon held on Saturday in Goleta. Waltman's … [Read more...]

Organista celebrates a hometown victory

After coming up short twice before, Matt Organista was nervous as he waited for the official results to come out for the sprint-course race at … [Read more...]

Mission accomplished: Ventura Deep 6 complete 202-mile journey

If the late legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell were announcing, he’d be screaming, “It’s over. It’s all over!, when the six-member Ventura Deep Six … [Read more...]

Ventura Deep Six beats record for nonstop relay swim

Swimming history was made Friday night as the Ventura Deep Six Relay Team set a new record for the longest continuous open-water relay swim. Jim … [Read more...]

Relay team aims to deep-six record for continuous swim

Masters swimmers Mike Shaffer, John Chung, Jim Neitz, Jim McConica, Kurt Baron and Tom Ball love the water and have plenty of competitive juices … [Read more...]

Shaffer takes out 3-mile in under an hour

Talk about a power hour. Former East Beach lifeguard Mike Shaffer held it down on his old stomping grounds Sunday morning, pounding out Semana … [Read more...]