Swimming by the hour kept Deep 6 going for 202 miles

“Just one hour. Just one hour. Just one hour. Just one hour, Just one hour. Just one hour.” That was the mantra the six members of the Ventura Deep … [Read more...]

Mission accomplished: Ventura Deep 6 complete 202-mile journey

If the late legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell were announcing, he’d be screaming, “It’s over. It’s all over!, when the six-member Ventura Deep Six … [Read more...]

Ventura Deep Six beats record for nonstop relay swim

Swimming history was made Friday night as the Ventura Deep Six Relay Team set a new record for the longest continuous open-water relay swim. Jim … [Read more...]

Ventura Deep 6 makes turn at Stearns Wharf

Local dentist Dr. John Chung had the honor of swimming to Stearns Wharf Thursday evening before making the turnaround for the journey to La Jolla … [Read more...]