Foresters inch closer to World Series title with 14th straight

The Santa Barbara Foresters are just two wins away from their second-straight NBC World Series title after an 8-6 victory over the  St. Joseph … [Read more...]

Foresters end Brewers’ 15-game streak

The Santa Barbara Foresters shot down the L.A. Brewers' 15-game win streak on Sunday, as Andrew Vasquez beat fellow UCSB teammate Jared Wilson 6-3 at … [Read more...]

Foresters take winning streak on the road

The Santa Barbara Foresters won their fifth straight game on Friday, taking their win streak on the road in a 6-3 victory over Team Vegas in Las … [Read more...]

Bummer, Palewicz carry torch to Forester victory

Starting pitcher Aaron Bummer was the first of five Forester pitchers who held the San Diego Force in check on Sunday as Santa Barbara won the … [Read more...]

Defending champion Foresters look for new identity

Even for the Forester fans that are accustomed to seeing their favorite team dominate the California Collegiate League every summer, last year was … [Read more...]

Foresters unable to overcome early mistakes

Santa Barbara Foresters catcher Jared Womack had three passed balls in the first inning that led to two runs for the visiting Team Vegas, and the … [Read more...]