Binder carries triathlon success over to Nite Moves

Adrienne Binder continued her winning ways at Nite Moves on Wednesday as she captured the 1-kilometer swim and was the first woman finisher in the … [Read more...]

WeissCrax: No Ordinary Joe

Community Star Howell shines in life & SB Triathlon again … and again Search Joe Howell Santa Barbara on-line and it stretches to Gooooooooogle … [Read more...]

Brazelton’s comeback a highlight of Sprint Course

No one was surprised that Michael Smith crossed the finish line first in Sunday morning's Santa Barbara Triathlon Sprint Course competition. The … [Read more...]

Lubinski, Smith have too much kick at end

  There was a time in Jim Lubinski’s life when slamming guys into the boards and scoring goals was what he loved to do. Then the former pro … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Triathlon is a community event

It’s about testing your fitness, challenging yourself physically and mentally, completing a goal and sharing your experience with kindred … [Read more...]

Upcoming SB Triathlon recruiting help

The Santa Barbara Triathlon is looking for fun-loving volunteers to help out with one of our city’s most exciting events. August 27-29, 2010 In … [Read more...]