MWP: Gauchos take two one-goal games

The second day of the NorCal Invitational featured two tough opponents and two tight games for the UC Santa Barbara team. In a tight, penalty-filled, triple overtime game, UCSB was able to rise above Pepperdine, 10-9. In another tight game versus Long Beach State, UCSB was victorious, 8-7.

“To beat two top 10 teams in the final day of the Kap7 NorCal tournament was a strong showing for us, and we look forward to a great season based on our potential,” said Assistant Coach Ryan McMillen. “We met Long Beach last season in the same matchup and we again were able to take 5th place.”

Shane Hauschild, Derek Shoemaker, and Liam Gaughan led the Gaucho’s scoring efforts today with three goals each. Chris Whitelegge totaled 24 saves, two assists, and two steals for the day.


The Waves dominated the first quarter, leading the Gauchos 1-3. Shane Hauschild was able to score off a power play to tally the first Gaucho points for the day.

A quiet second quarter featured an initial goal from Mitch Hamilton and a goal from Pepperdine to bring the score to 2-4 at the half.

The Gauchos rallied in the third quarter to tie the score up 6-6 going into the final quarter. Santa Barbara goals came from Reed Cotterill, Liam Gaughan (2), and Josh Jordan.

The Waves took the lead in the fourth quarter with a 6-on-5 goal, but the Gauchos responded with a goal from Derek Shoemaker to send the game into sudden death overtime.

The first overtime period resulted in goals from both teams. Samar Alkateb converted a Pepperdine exclusion into a UCSB goal in the final minute of the period.

The second overtime period also resulted in a tie, despite late goals from both sides. Cotterill scored on a power play to bring the score to 9-9.

The third and final overtime period was another intense duel that ended in a brutality on the Pepperdine side, allowing Gaughan to take a penalty shot and win the game for Santa Barbara. Goalkeeper Chris Whitelegge recorded 13 saves and one assist.

“It was a hard fought game by both sides and we were lucky to come out on top. Pepperdine is always a big rivalry for us and it was a great win,” said Coach Wolf Wigo.


UCSB led from the start in their final game of the NorCal Tournament. Shane Hauschild scored the first two Gaucho goals, in addition to a 6-on-5 goal from Nick Wiley and a goal from Derek Shoemaker. The Gauchos allowed only one 49er goal in the first quarter, brining the score to 4-1 going in to the second quarter.

Long Beach started gaining more momentum in the second quarter, but the Gauchos kept them at bay, maintaining their lead at the half, 7-4. Shoemaker added two more goals, as well as Wiley, to the Gauchos’ goals.

A strong defensive effort resulted in an uneventful third quarter, with just one goal by Long Beach allowed.

The fourth quarter featured two more goals from Long Beach, but it wouldn’t be enough to gain an advantage over Santa Barbara. Samar Alkateb tallied one additional Gaucho goal to bring the final score to 8-7 over Long Beach. Whitelegge had 11 saves and two steals.