The Power of the Coconut

The palm tree that the coconut grows from has been nicked named the “Tree of Life” for good reason. Every layer of the fruit has great value–husk, meat, and water– and can be used for anything from product materials to health and beauty purposes. Coconut products have recently gained popularity because of the countless natural benefits they have to offer us.

healthThere are many ways to swap coconut into your routine to give yourself a health boost. Instead of Gatorade, try a can of unsweetened coconut water–it provides tons of vitamins and electrolytes the body needs and without any added sugar. Next time you’re cooking, try some coconut oil instead of your spray can of Pam–it adds flavor and healthy fats and vitamins to your food. To learn more about the uses and benefits of this magical fruit, read the full article on SB Fitness.