WWP: Gauchos win Big West opener over Davis

Davis – The UC Santa Barbara Gauchos defeated the UC Davis Aggies 7-4 on Saturday in their first Big West Conference match of the season.

The Gauchos began the battle against the Aggies in full force as Sophomore Samantha Murphy scored the first goal during a power-play for the Gauchos. Sophomore Bryn Hudson followed by scoring a goal of her own, making it 2-0 Gauchos with five minutes left in the first quarter. The Aggies were able to get on the the bored before ending the first quarter, 2-1 Gauchos.

The Aggies quickly answered with another goal at the beginning of the second quarter, when Sophomore Jessie Porter put another goal on the board for the Gauchos. Freshman Carly Christian was able to put another goal up for the Gauchos. The Aggies stayed strong enough to put one more on the board, but wasn’t able to stop scoring machine, Jessie Porter from scoring another goal for the Gauchos, leaving the score 5-3 Gauchos at the half.

The Gaucho defense held the Aggies all through the third quarter, with the help from Sophomore goalie Mackenzie Brokaw concluding the quarter with a shutout for the Aggies. Freshman Brenna Thomas was able to put one more up for the Gauchos leaving it 6-3 going into the last quarter of the game.

UC Davis quickly got a shot off at the start of the fourth quarter, but Gaucho’s leading scorer Junior Lauren Martin, scored one more goal on a power-play for the Gauchos. The Gauchos took the 7-4 win over UC Davis.