WWP: Gauchos wrap up Winter Invite

Concluding the 2014 UCSB Winter Invite, the No. 17 UC Santa Barbara team took on the No. 12 UCSD Tritons, No. 3 UCLA Bruins, and Claremont-Mudd Scripps Athenas. UCSB fell to UCSD 11-7 and UCLA 14-6, but later came back to beat the Athenas 12-7.

Freshman Taylor Shore opened the game with a quick shot to put the Gauchos up 1-0. The Tritons answered with three consecutive goals before SophomoreBryn Hudson scored on a drive tighten the Tritons lead 3-2 to end the first quarter. The Tritons offensive strength continued as they ended the second quarter up 5-3. Freshman Brenna Thomas came out strong with an outside shot within the first minutes of the third quarter, making the score 5-4. The Tritons quickly answered with two more goals, as did freshman Sophie Trabucco, ending the third quarter 7-5. It was a back-and-fourth scoring match between the Gauchos and Tritons in the fourth quarter. Senior Justine Ramos, junior Lauren Martin, and Taylor Shore all scored, but unfortunately were not able to overcome the Tritons, leading to the Gauchos 11-7 loss.

Coming off their early morning game, UCSB was ready to take on the No. 2 ranked Bruins. UCLA opened the game with six consecutive goals. Sophomore Holly Smith was able to score from the outside, making the score 6-1 at the end of the first quarter. Sophomore Samantha Murphy took a penalty shot, giving the Gauchos one more goal before the quarter was over. UCLA led the Gauchos 6-2 to end the first half. The game slowed down a bit as the Bruins scored two more goals to open the third quarter. Lauren Martin and Bryn Hudson scored two more goals for the Gauchos, ending the third quarter down 11-4. Freshman Carly Christian and Taylor Shore kept the ball rolling for the Gauchos, but could not keep up with the Bruins, ultimately leading to their 14-6 loss.

Having two games under their belt, the Gauchos were ready to play their third game of the day and final game of the tournament. The Gauchos took an early lead against Claremont-Mudd Scripps, with Taylor Shore opening the game with two goals of her own. Sophomore Jessie Porter and Taylor Shore scored two more goals for the Gauchos, leading 4-0. The Gauchos impressive defense only allowed one goal slip by, ending the first quarter up 4-1. Lauren Martin entered the game and immediately scored from the two-meter position, making the score 5-1.

Sophomore Miranda Schrader and Samantha Murphy followed behind her each with a goal of their own. Sophomore goalie Mackenzie Brokaw concluded the second quarter with a shut out, making the score 7-1. Holly Smith gave the Gauchos to two more goals at the beginning of the third quarter, along with Freshman Mackenzie Baldridge and Bryn Hudson’s goals, enhancing the Gauchos lead to 11-3. Jenna Solberg scored the lone goal in the fourth quarter. The Athenas were able to put away four goals in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough as the Gauchos defeated the Athenas 12-7.
UCSB will play next at the UC Triton Invitational on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9.



1 2 3 4 Final
UCSB 2 0 2 3 6
UCSD 3 2 1 5 11
UCSB Goals: Taylor Shore (2), Brenna Thomas (1), Lauren Martin (1), Bryn Hudson (1), Sophie Trabucco (1), Justine Ramos (1)
UCSB Saves: Mackenzie Brokaw (6)
UCSD Goals: Sarah Lizotte (3), Leah Gonzalez (2), Julia Kirkland (2), Laurel Kistler (2), Allison Delgado (1), Jolene Guiliana (1)
UCSD Saves: Courtney Miller (7)


1 2 3 4 Final
UCSB 2 2 2 0 6
UCLA 9 3 2 0 14
UCSB Goals: Lauren Martin (1), Taylor Shore (1), Bryn Hudson (1), Holly Smith (1), Samantha Murphy (1), Carly Christian (1)
UCSB Saves: Mackenzie Brokaw (4)
UCLA Goals: Rachel Fattal (3), India Forster (2), Emily Donohoe (2), Kodi Hill (1), Victoria Kent (1), Maddy Mclaren (1), Mackenzie Barr (1), Kelly Rominus (1), Alexa Tilmann (1), Becca Dorst (1)
UCLA Saves: Sami Hill (7)

UCSB 12, CMS 7

1 2 3 4 Final
UCSB 4 3 4 1 12
CMS 1 0 2 4 7
UCSB Goals: Taylor Shore (2), Jenna Solberg (2), Holly Smith (2), Samantha Murphy (1), Mackenzie Baldridge (1), Bryn Hudson (1), Miranda Schrader (1), Lauren Martin (1), Jessie Porter (1)
UCSB Saves: Mackenzie Brokaw (3) Devon Gasparini (2)
CMS Goals: Candace Filippelli (2), Rose Koper (2), Haley Conner (1), Shannon Golden (1), Alex Toohey (1)
CMS  Saves: Allison Hu (6)