Strong final round sends Silvernail to City Golf Championship


Brett Silvernail - Santa Barbara City Golf Championship

Brett Silvernail claimed his first Santa Barbara City Golf Championship on Monday. (Presidio Sports Photos)

Brett Silvernail overcame two past champions and the Round 2 leader on Monday to secure his first Santa Barbara City Golf Championship at Santa Barbara Golf Club.

Silvernail, a UCSB player, finished the three-day tournament with a winning score of 204, six strokes under par. Silvernail’s final round of 66 helped push him past four players that started the day out front, two of which hold three City championships between them.

“It wasn’t an easy task, I had to play well and had to get lucky with Steven (Lam) not playing like he did the first two days,” Silvernail said. “Everything kind of went my way today.”

The title wasn’t decided until the final hole. Steven Lam, who started the day in the lead by four strokes, set himself up with an eagle putt on 18 to force a playoff but the eight-foot putt slid inches to the left. Lam finished second overall at 205.

“I’m pretty happy for the first two days but today was a little bit disappointing,” Lam said. “Because I wasn’t hitting the ball good until the last two holes and I missed a big putt on 17 and 18.”

Defending champion Brian Helton, Kevin Marsh and James Camaione tied for third with a three-day score of 206.

Silvernail’s strategy was to limit bogeys throughout the tournament. Monday’s round included five birdies and just one bogey. Having recently erased eight strokes on the final day of the Big West Championship, Silvernail was confident of his chances starting the day.

His fifth and final birdie came on 18 in front of a gallery of roughly 100 people.

“It’s a really good tournament so I’m really happy to win,” said Silvernail, who began the tournament with a 67 on Saturday and a 71 on Sunday.

Allen Geiberger was also in the hunt on Monday. Geiberger was tied with Silvernail in the lead as late as the 14th hole. But a pair of bogeys on the final four holes knocked him back to sixth place with a three-under 207.

Geiberger, Marsh and Helton closed out their tournaments with one-under 69s. Lam shot a 73.

Helton was trying to become the first back-to-back winner since Andrew Perez won in 2010 and 2011. Each of his three rounds were under par yet he felt like he struggled to score well.

“I really hung in there and competed well,” Helton said. “To have the outcome that I got with the way that I played was pretty good. I didn’t play very well at all.”

Grant Sparkes, competing in the Nicklaus Flight, sank a hole-in-one on the par-3 eighth hole.


Brett Silvernail - 2013 Santa Barbara City Championship

Brett Silvernail – 2013 Santa Barbara City Championship


1. Brett P Silvernail 67-71-66–204
2. Steven Lam 68-64-73–205
3. Brian Helton 69-68-69–206
4. James T Camaione 67-69-70–206
5. Kevin Marsh 69-68-69–206
6. Allen Geiberger 67-71-69–207
7. Brandon B Gama 66-74-68–208
7. George F Downing 72-68-68–208
9. James Morton 67-72-71–210
9. Jonny Hogan 73-68-69–210
11. Brett T Patton 73-69-69–211
12. Drew Miller 68-71-73–212
12. John Pate 67-73-72–212
14. David Boote 72-69-73–214
14. Michael A Pugh 68-73-73–214
14. Ruben Carmona 73-71-70–214
17. Ed Susolik 71-74-70–215
18. Jack H Davis 72-73-74–219
18. Jason Pridmore 72-74-73–219
18. Niels Andersen 71-74-74–219
21. Pe’a Hill 75-69-76–220
22. Jeff Myers 74-70-77–221
23. Joshua Shou 71-74-77–222
24. Brennan Amirkhizi 70-74-NC–NC


1. Bill Clemo 73-75-76–224
2. Gavin Lee 75-79-74–228
2. Mark Johnson 74-78-76–228
4. Dan L Dawson 73-71-86–230
5. John G Devito 79-76-77–232
6. Chuck Sonefelt 73-83-83–239


1. Michael Kemp 77-77-74–228
2. Orlando Hernandez 73-75-80–228
3. Tom Seidl 75-74-82–231
4. Robert Schiff 78-78-76–232
5. Paul Dargan 75-83-78–236
6. Christopher T Kirkbride 82-75-87–244
7. Ian Selbie 77-80-89–246


1. Abraham Placencia 79-75-75–229
2. Grant Sparkes 77-80-77–234
3. Bryan Fracchia 76-80-82–238
4. Douglas Boyle 77-79-86–242
4. Virgil Kyle 77-82-83–242
6. Jim Alzina 79-82-94–255


1. Richard A Gonzales 84-79-85–248
2. John T Somerville 84-84-85–253
2. Michael Holmstrom 79-87-87–253
4. Ewoud H Tsas 87-81-88–256
4. Greg Englant 82-86-88–256
6. Jeff Chaffin 84-89-85–258
7. Bill Craft 85-88-90–263


1. Josh M. Bowie 83-77-83–243
2. John Climenhaga 84-83-83–250
3. Joseph Morin 80-88-84–252
4. Kyle Pace 86-86-83–255
5. Stephen Gerard 85-88-87–260
6. Aaron Johnson 84-88-92–264


1. Joseph Ortega 87-89-90–266
2. Don Dick 89-87-96–272
3. Donald L Beeks 87-95-92–274
4. Thomas G Griffin 89-90-95–274
5. Stephen D Lee 89-92-94–275
6. Alec W Bruice 84-95-108–287