Bell beats out the bunch at Reef & Run

Team Effort:?Reef & Run staff take a moment to bask in the evening’s golden sunshine. From from l-r (front row): Sandy & Dan O’Meara, Janice Daily and Cara Gamberdella. Back row: Joe Howell, Ryan Wenger, Stewart Reid, Jane Cairns & Neil Wood. (Randy Weiss Photo)

Walker Bell went the distance at Reef & Run on Thursday evening, winning the one-mile ocean swim in a time of 18 minutes and 31 seconds.

The one-mile swim is the longest of three swimming courses at Reef & Run each Thursday, in addition to a 1000-meter distance as well as a 500-meter race.

Ryan Wenger was the fastest competitor in the 1000 meters, while Tristan Depew claimed first place in the 500 meters.


500M ** 1000M ** 1 MILE

Depew came in before second-place finisher Matt Mills and third-place Daniela Castleberg. All three are just 11 years old.

Dawn Schroeder won the 1000-meter women’s race in a time of 15:36, not far behind Wenger’s overall winning time of 15:18.

Annie Reese was the top female in the 1-mile event, good for fourth overall. Reese completed the course in 20:24.

Reef & Run returns next Thursday.