TOC DAY 2 UPDATES: Santa Barbara Tournament of Champions live coverage

SANTA BARBARA TOC DAY TWO: We’re into the second day of the 2011 Tournament of Champions. Thirty-two teams are in Santa Barbara to compete in a Gold and Green Divisions.

Presidio Sports will be providing live updates, including scores and game highlights throughout the tournament.

CLICK HERE for Day 1 schedule and results. CLICK HERE for Day 2 schedule and results.


All games for Round 2 are complete.  Check back tomorrow for more live coverage all Tournament of Champions games including the Championship Semifinals for Green and Gold Divisions.

Final Score: Orange Lutheran 56, Arroyo Grande 46 in Overtime.

Final Score: Pacifica 55, Valencia 42.

OVERTIME: Madrigal’s shot no good at the buzzer.  Arroyo Grande and Orange Lutheran are going to overtime 43-43.

Fourth Quarter: Sidney Walker shooting 2, 51-40 Pacifica, 1:00 left.

Fourth Quarter: Yorba Linda up 59-48, 3:15 left.

Fourth Quarter: Orange Lutheran finding their legs at the right time.  Back-to-Back jump shots ties the game at 41.  1:02 left, timeout Arroyo Grande.

Fourth Quarter: Dixon overpowers the defense again.  Pacifica up 49-35, 4:09 left.

Fourth Quarter: Bishop Montgomery up 51-45, 5:40 left.

Fourth Quarter: Bishop Montgomery opens up a 49-43 lead.

Fourth Quarter: Madrigal’s 2 free throws give Arroyo Grande their first lead of the second half 37-36.

End of Third Quarter: Pacifica 45, Valencia 29.

Third Quarter: Bishop Montgomery and Yorba Linda tied at 40.  55 seconds left.

Third Quarter: Bishop Montgomery 38, Yorba Linda 37. 2:21 left.

End of Third Quarter: Heather Madrigal powerful in the paint.  Her lay-up cuts the lead to 1.  Arroyo Grande up 34-33.

Third Quarter: Valencia making a run, but Pacifica still leads by 15 with 2:25 left.

Third Quarter: Bishop Montgomery has the lead.  36-35, 3:39 left.  Timeout Yorba Linda.

Third Quarter: Orange Lutheran goes to the half court trap, leads Arroyo Grande 34-29, 1:50 left.

Third Quarter: Yorba Linda 33, Bishop Montgomery 31.  5:36 left.

Third Quarter: Lacey Gonzalez starts the third quarter hitting a jumper, drawing the foul and sinking the free throw.  42-18 Pacifica.

Third Quarter: Orange Lutheran building momentum after half time, up 28-25 with 5:44 left.

Halftime Score Correction.  Pacifica 39, Valencia 18.  Missing a free throw on the scoreboard.

Halftime: Yorba Linda 31, Bishop Montgomery 29.

Second Quarter: Bishop Montgomery has caught Yorba Linda at 29.  51 seconds left.

Halftime: Pacifica 38, Valencia 18.  Valencia struggling with Pacifica’s pressure.

Second Quarter: Bishop Montgomery turning up the defense, 5 count against Yorba Linda.  Sampson’s 2 brings Bishop Montgomery within 2, 2:28 left.

Second Quarter: Pacifica 33, Valencia 16.  1:22 left.

Second Quarter: Yorba Linda 27, Bishop Montgomery 20.  3:42 left.

Halftime: Orange Lutheran 23, Arroyo Grande 23.

Second Quarter: Christine Delapina with 5 straight points for Bishop Montgomery to cut the lead to 25-19.

Second Quarter: Yorba Linda 25-14, 5:40 left.  Timeout Bishop Montgomery.

Second Quarter: Miranda Cervantes all by herself in the corner for 3.  Pacifica 28-12, 3:19 left.

Second Quarter: Courtney Vaccher of Yorba Linda for 2 to increase the lead to 21-12.

Second Quarter: Jocelyn Garcia at the line shooting 2 for Valencia trailing 23-9.  4:22 left.

End of First Quarter: Yorba Linda 17, Bishop Montgomery 12.

Second Quarter: Dixon going to work inside.  20-18 Pacifica, 5:58 left.

End of First Quarter: Arroyo Grande 13, Orange Lutheran 10.

First Quarter: Yorba Linda’s 5’11” forward brings the sky hook for 2 points.  11-7 Yorba Linda, 2:52 left.

First Quarter: Block party for Airiona Sampson of Bishop Montgomery, but Yorba Linda up 9-5.

End of First Quarter: Andrea Morales’ 3 goes at the horn.  16-6 Pacifica.  10 fouls in the first quarter.

First Quarter: Orange Lutheran with back-t0-back 3’s.  Tied at 6 with Arroyo Grande.  3:30 left.

First Quarter: Yorba Linda’s Alexus Atchley starts the game off with an and-1.  Yorba linda up 7-2 early over Bishop Montgomery in the Gold Division Championship Quarterfinals.

First Quarter: Krystal Khaut hits the 3 from the top of the arc.  Pacifica comes right back with a basket in the paint.  Timeout Valencia.  9-5 Pacifica, 2:50 left.

First Quarter: Morgan Bryant  gets Valencia on the scoreboard with a lay-up inside.  Valencia sends 3 defenders at Dixon on the other end, but she spins away from all of them to lay it up.  7-2 Pacifica.

First Quarter: Andrea Morales jumper from the free throw line is good for a 5-0 Pacifica lead.  4:30 left.

First Quarter: Pacifica’s forwards Brooke Dixon and Alexia Ayala get their long arms on a lot of balls on defense.  2-0 Pacifica, 6:03 left.

Tip-Off: Pacifica vs. Valencia.  Winner to face Morro Bay in the championship semi-final tomorrow.  Pacifica scores off the tip and we are underway.

Final Score: Buena 68, Bell-Jeff 46.

Final Score: Ventura 62, Royal 33.

GREEN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTERFINALS: Pacifica vs. Valencia.  Pacifica looks like they have a lot more size than Valencia.  Brooke Dixon of Pacifica scored 14 in the first round yesterday.  Valencia won their first round game with a 16 point 4th quarter.

Final Score: Morro Bay 34, Los Alamitos 26.  Bloom with 9, Schwellenbach 8, Gilbert 8.  Morro Bay will play the winner of Pacifica vs. Valencia in the semi-finals tomorrow.

End of Third Quarter: Buena 56, Bell-Jeff 26.

Fourth Quarter: Los Alamitos’ Keiko Nomura hits a 3 from the corner.  Timeout Los Alamitos.  34-26 with 48 seconds left.

Fourth Quarter: Ventura 48, Royal 29. 4:57 left.

Fourth Quarter: Los Alamitos pressure turns Morro Bay over again, but they still lead by 11.  Timeout Los Alamitos, 1:52 left.

Fourth Quarter: Ventura 44, Royal 28. 6:08 left.

Fourth Quarter: Huge and-1 from Nicki Bloom for Morro Bay.  34-23, 3:30 left.

Fourth Quarter: Morro Bay 31, Los Alamitos 21.  Timeout Morro Bay.  Pressure frustrating the Pirates.

Third Quarter: Buena playing great man defense, up 41-22.  3:15 left.

End of Third Quarter: Ventura 40, Royal 27.

Third Quarter: Ventura up 35-26.  1:39 left.

Fourth Quarter: Pick and roll, Watt and Schwellenbach for Morro Bay.  Looked like Stockton to Malone.  Morro Bay up 28-19, 6:30 left.  Timeout Los Alamitos.

Third Quarter: Bell-Jeff goes full court press.  Buena up 32-18, 7 minutes left.

End of Third Quarter: Morro Bay 25, Los Alamitos 19.

Halftime: Taylor McGwire sending Buena to a 30-15 halftime lead over Bell-Jeff.

Third Quarter: Morro Bay’s 6’3″ post player, Hannah Gilbert has rebounded everything tonight.  Her outlet led to Nikki Machado’s fast break and 2 free throws at the line.  Morro Bay leading 22-16, 2:15 left.

Third Quarter: Morro Bay doing a good job close to Los Alamitos shooters, up 20-16 with 3:45 left.

Halftime: Ventura 22, Royal 19.

Halftime: Morro Bay 18, Los Alamitos 16.

Second Quarter: Any basketball fan would love watching Morro Bay Coach Cary Nerelli work.  Morro Bay takes the lead on a lay-up by Sierra Schwellenbach, 18-16.  Under 1 minute.

Second Quarter: Los Alamitos turning up the defense, up 14-12, 3:11 left.

End of First Quarter: Morro Bay 10, Los Alamitos 7.

Final Score: Monroe 60, Dos Pueblos 53.

Final Score: Bonita 58, Santa Barbara 49.

Final Score: Rio Mesa 56, Righetti 25.  In the battle between the centers: Abraham had 13, Cooks with 9 but was shutout in the second half.  Ontiveros led all scores with 19 points.

Fourth Quarter: Sweet move by Dulce Vera in the open court for Rio Mesa.  12 more fouls this half after 21 in the first half.  51-23 Rio Mesa, 2:30 left.

Fourth Quarter: Subs are in for both teams, Rio Mesa running away with it.  50-20, 4:31 left.

End of Third Quarter: Bonita 45, Santa Barbara 32.

Third Quarter: Ariana Oho with the steal and lay-up for Bonita and a 41-31 lead.  1:10 left.

Fourth Quarter: Ashley Ontiveros has serious range.  Timeout Rio Mesa up 46-18.

End of Third Quarter: Rio Mesa outscores Righetti 19-2 in the third quarter.  43-18 Rio Mesa going to the final period.

Third Quarter: Santa Barbara tries to take advantage of Bonita Point Guard Nikki Wheatley’s 4th foul.  Bonita 37-31.

Third Quarter: Righetti having trouble getting into their offense, and Cooks is heading to the bench after picking up her 4th foul.  37-18 Rio Mesa, 1:25 left.

Third Quarter: Rio Mesa with full court pressure, increase their lead over Righetti to 32-18, 4:11 left.

Halftime: Bonita achieves the rare 6 point possession right before the half with a foul, technical foul and basket.  Santa Barbara trails 24-19.

Halftime: Monroe 29, Dos Pueblos 28

Halftime: Rio Mesa 24, Righetti 16.

Second Quarter: Santa Barbara’s Melissa Lemus with the NBA range 3 cuts Bonita’s lead to 1 with 1:40 left.

Second Quarter: Cooks takes a breather, Abraham goes to work inside.  20-15 Rio Mesa, 1:20 left.

Second Quarter: Bonita’s 3 from long range to put them up 16-12 over Santa Barbara, under 5 minutes to go in the half.

Second Quarter: 15 fouls this half and still 4:13 to go.  17-10 Rio Mesa.

End of First Quarter: Santa Barbara 8, Bonita 7.  Dons using a zone defense to slow down Bonita’s high octane offense.  Working so far.

End of First Quarter: Cooks fade-away goes at the buzzer as she falls to the floor, but Rio Mesa still leads 13-9 behind 10 points from Ontiveros.

First Quarter: Cooks looking more like a point guard than center going end-to-end for 2.  13-7 Rio Mesa, under a minute.

First Quarter: Cooks has 2 fouls, but staying in the game.  Ontiveros with the steal and lay-up for Rio Mesa and a 10-5 lead, 2:44 left.

First Quarter: In the Cooks vs Abraham match-up, Abraham makes a pair of free throws.  4-1 Rio, 4:30 left.

First Quarter: Defensive battle as Ashley Ontiveros finally gets the scoreboard going 2 minutes into the game.  2-0 Rio Mesa.

Tip-off: Righetti vs. Rio Mesa.  Rio Mesa’s 6’1″ center Riley Abraham vs. Righetti’s 6’1″ center Mariah Cooks.

NEW 2011 TOURNAMENT INDIVIDUAL GAME HIGH SCORER: Peninsula’s Stephanie Wong scored 32 points against Agoura, 18 from the 3 point line.

Final Score: Harvard Westlake 50, St. Joseph 38.

Final Score: Peninsula 57, Agoura 56.

GREEN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTERFINALS: Righetti vs. Rio Mesa in 15 minutes at San Marcos High School.

Final Score: Oak Park 61, Mira Costa 55.  Matsumoto finishes with 24 for Oak Park.

Fourth Quarter: Kelsey Haines is fouled and sinks both free throws, Oak Park up 6 with 17 seconds left.  Timeout Oak Park.

Fourth Quarter: Mira Costa turns it over.  Bucknovitz back to the line and misses the free throw, but the ball goes out of bounds to Oak Park. 17 seconds left.

Fourth Quarter: Bucknovitz makes 1 of 2 at the line.  Timeout Mira Costa with the ball.  59-55 Oak Park, 32 seconds left.

Fourth Quarter: Oak Park defensive rebound and timeout.  Still up 3 with 38 seconds left.

End of Third Quarter: Harvard Westlake 37, St. Josesph 27.

Fourth Quarter: Mills has missed on her last 2 3 pointers, but has hit 3 this half.  Mira Costa calls timeout with the ball.  58-55 Oak Park, 1:37 left.

Fourth Quarter: Matsumoto makes 1 of 2 free throws.  23 for the game now.  58-55 Oak Park, 2:48 left.

Fourth Quarter: Mira Costa’s Meghan Peneueta is just a freshman, but making a difference in this one.  53-50 Oak Park, 5:07 left.

Fourth Quarter: 5 straight points for Mira Costa from Camille Mills.  Timeout Oak Park with a 50-47 lead.  6:42 left.

End of Third Quarter: Oak Park finds holes in the Mira Costa 1-3-1 zone and Courtney Wing’s runner at the buzzer goes for the Eagles.  50-42 Oak Park.  Winner of this game plays in the semi-finals tomorrow night.

Halftime: Peninsula 36, Agoura 29.

Halftime: Harvard Westlake 24, St. Joseph 12.

Third Quarter: Mira Costa’s full court press tied it at 36, but Matsumoto hit a 3 from the corner to start a 7-0 run.  43-36 Oak Park, 2:00 left.

Halftime: Oak Park 29, Mira Costa 27.  Whenever Oak Park needs a basket, Matsumoto provides some offense.  Mira Costa keeps increasing the pace.

Second Quarter: Camille Mills to Cameryn Chan in transition cuts the lead to 6.  Oak Park 27-21, 2:47 left.

End of First Quarter: Harvard-Westlake 16, St. Joseph 8.

First Quarter: Peninsula 18, Agoura 13.

Second Quarter: Camille Mills goes flying through the lane for a lay-up.  21-13 Oak Park 6:20 left.

End First Quarter: Ashlee Reese hits a 15 footer with a few seconds left for Mira Costa.  Oak Park 19-10.  Matsumoto with 11 points in the quarter.

First Quarter: Courtney Wing threads the needle on a pass between 2 Mira Costa defenders to Matsumoto for a lay-up.  16-9 Oak Park, 1 minute left.

First Quarter: Erin Matsumoto of Oak Park already with a pair of 3 pointers.  11-8 Oak Park.  1:58 left.

First Quarter: Oak Park 6, Mira Costa 5.  Oak Park’s 6 foot center, Sarah Bucknovitz making a difference early. 3:56 left.

Tip-Off: Oak Park vs. Mira Costa.  Starting off with a quick tempo.

LOCAL TEAMS: Dos Pueblos vs. Monroe at Dos Pueblos High School, 4pm.  Santa Barbara vs. Bonita at Santa Barbara High School, 4pm.

Final Score: La Salle 67, Nipomo 35.

Final Score: Menlo 50, Channel Islands 47.

Fourth Quarter: La Salle 65, Nipomo 32. 1:42 left.

Final Score: Providence Hall 59, San Marcos 22.  Sydney Hedges with 20 points, Elizabeth Beebe with 14 for Providence Hall.  For San Marcos, 5 points apiece for Kayla Conboy, Elizabeth Gil and Taylor Escobar.

Fourth Quarter: Providence Hall 55, San Marcos 20.  3:55 left.

Fourth Quarter: La Salle 51, Nipomo 26. 6:20 left.

End of Third Quarter: Providence Hall 47, San Marcos 16.

Third Quarter: Royals showing life with a 7-0 run.  40-15 Providence Hall.

Third Quarter: Full court drive through the San Marcos defense for Lacey Gonzalez.  Providence Hall 37-8, 5:48 left.

Halftime: Menlo 28, Channel Islands 21

Halftime: Providence Hall 35, San Marcos 8.  Sydney Hedges with 14 for Providence Hall.  San Marcos turnovers are leading to easy lay-ups for Providence Hall.

Second Quarter: Providence Hall 29, San Marcos 5.  2:49 left, Timeout Providence Hall.

Second Quarter: Basketball/Soccer/Softball star Hannah Ball in the game for the Royals.  20-3, 6:12 left.

Second Quarter: Fouls adding up for San Marcos. 19-3 with 7 minutes left.

End of First Quarter: Providence Hall 15, San Marcos 3.

First Quarter:  Kayla Conboy open up the scoring for San Marcos with a 15 ft jumper from the corner. Lizzy Beebe answers from the block. 2-2 tie with 5 to go in the first.

Tip-off: Providence Hall vs. San Marcos at Maury Halleck Gym.  SM still looking for their first victory.

SCORES, GREEN DIVISION: Willits 67, Santa Ynez 42.