P3 introducing technology that enhances an athlete’s brain

In staying years ahead of elite training facilities, Santa Barbara’s Peak Performance Project (P3) is introducing a new technology that will change the standard in comprehensive athletic development.

The technology is Neurotopia and it’s the future — personal training for your brain.


The brain is the command center that drives the body’s performance. How it functions affects an athlete’s control of focus, speed of reaction, quality of sleep, efficiency of motor movement, emotional reactivity and ability to mentally recover after an error. When the brain is able to efficiently function, an athlete is better at performing under pressure, sustaining focus, as well as mentally resetting during competition.

P3’s Santa Barbara location was chosen as one of the select venues allowed to preview Neurotopia in the United States.

Neurotopia at P3Many of the professional athletes that have trained at P3 – including high-level players from the NBA and MLB – have used the technology for over a year with success, and now the technology is being made available to Santa Barbara athletes.

Along with baseball players’ initial observations of better sleep, the data showed that P3 athletes improved their focus, reaction speed and stress regulation throughout the off-season.

Perhaps most interestingly, the technology coupled with P3’s sport-specific knowledge are enabling the possibility of identifying the objective data patterns in different types of athletes within the same sport, such as hitters versus pitchers, based on their original EEG patterns.

“Our interest is in bringing more precision, through better tools, to building athletes,” says Dr. Marcus Elliott. “No matter how successful you are, all of our brains can work better. Whether you’re talking about better decision making, response to adversity or reaction variability, there are all of these individual characteristics of each brain that we can now focus on in a precise fashion.”

Neurotopia at P3 begins with an hour long assessment and a follow up consultation that provides detailed data on your mental strengths and weaknesses.

This initial report and recommendation delivers excellent feedback for athletes because it enables them to recognize and build on strengths, while diagnosing and fixing weaknesses that may be adversely affecting on field performance.

Chicago White Sox Right Fielder Carlos Quentin began using the technology last off season while training at P3.

“Ever since I’ve started using Neurotopia, I’ve noticed an awareness of not only my mental capacity, but how that’s applied with my coordination.”

P3 is excited about being able to quantify and train mental performance systems, similarly to how they quantify physical systems. It appears the new frontier in performance has begun and it’s started in Santa Barbara’s backyard.


Peak Performance Project (“P3”) is an elite athlete training facility in Santa Barbara, CA, led by Dr. Marcus Elliott, a graduate of Harvard Medical School. P3 works with professional teams in the NBA, MLB, NFL and many individual athletes at various levels, and are known nationally by GMs and players as the leader in Applied Sports Science because their facility utilizes technologies not typically seen in an athletic training environment. 

P3 welcomes local Santa Barbara athletes of the following sports: high school basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball. Select action sports athletes and youth sport athletes may also be accepted. For more information or to schedule an introductory tour, please contact Adam Hewitt (805-866-0303).

Visit P3 online at www.p3.md or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/PeakPerformanceProject.