WeissCrax: Can’t stop fever to do SB Half-Marathon

Naomi Reeves, left, and Jenny Klein have gone from pushing baby strollers in their San Roque neighborhood to running the Santa Barbara Half Marathon. (Randy Weiss photo)

Friends for 15 years, Naomi Reeves and Jenny Klein started running on a lark four years ago …

While together pushing their second kids in strollers around their San Roque neighborhood, Reeves asked Klein, both 38, if she wanted to run the Santa Barbara Half-Marathon four months out.

“Sure,” said Klein. “But we’re NOT runners.”

But, sharp and resourceful they are!

So, they downloaded a training schedule from cyberspace and with surgical-like precision, they sliced precious running time from already jammed schedules encompassing two kids, husbands, work, house…

Somehow, it all worked out … and they did it!

Ran 13.1 miles, for those scoring at home.

Their inaugural and synchronized 2007 race result: 2 hours, 24 minutes.


Naomi and Jenny have lowered their times every year they've run the half marathon.

Then the next year, they trained with Momentum-4-Life (M4L), a local fitness club, and shaved an amazing 15 minutes off their PR to finish together at 2:09.

And, in 2009, more M4L conditioning and another dual PR:  2:05.

In 2010, a different story …

“We took it off from running,” said Reeves.

“It felt so liberating not to train,” Klein added ….

“But, we’ve got the fever this year!”

With it comes embracing a rather unique training regimen not ever really seen before in the wide world of sport….

Running just one day a week.

Yes … uno.

Saturday mornings with M4L.

Every other day of the week? NADA.

“We’re too busy with everything going on,” Klein claimed.

“Last week, we ran 12 miles. Today (their last workout before Saturday’s event), an easy six (miles) around Lake Los Carneros.” Reeves stated.

“We just love Anthony – our training coach,” they chimed.

Coach Anthony Garibay, a former San Marcos Royals running star,  responded: “They’ve come a long way in a few years, since not running much at all. This year I’m hoping for another PR for them at 2:03 or maybe even break two-hours.”

“They come as a package deal, which doubles the fun,” embellished Dawn Schroeder, M4L Founder. “They have this great friendship, warm and wonderful smiles and always positive energy. Our running group wouldn’t be the same without them!”

But asked directly about another PR, or even breaking the 2-hour mark, both Reeves and Klein get, well, kinda squirrely …

“Ah, gee, we don’t know,” they giggled over their post-practice Peet’s coffee.

And it turns out both have awesome husbands (Grant Reeves and Sven Klein), who have been friends even longer than their wives and are runners, too.

The Santa Barbara International Marathon will cause some traffic disruptions on Saturday.

Mr. Reeves, an experienced half-marathoner, is now an avid trail runner, while Mr. Klein will run his first half marathon this week.

“I’ve been talking fun smack about it with him, so we will see how he does,” Mrs. Klein added with another giggle.

And there’s extra incentive for Mrs. Reeves this year, as well. She lost her Dad in March. In his youth, he loved to run and even qualified for the Olympic Trials in his day.

“I’ll finish because I’ll do it with him by my side,” she offered.

According to Rusty Snow, SBI race director, they’ll join the nearly 3,800 half-marathoners — including elite runners and local faves.

But, the truth is for these two incredible ladies, their finishing time doesn’t really matter, because no matter what,  they will endure together.

Because that’s what good friends do.

For them, it’s the journey, not the destination.

Once a week … and especially this Saturday!!

POSTSCRIPT — Jenny just reported that an injured ankle has caused her to withdraw from the race at this late date. In yet another example of friendship at its best, their mutual buddy, Tom Adams will attempt to run in her place (sans training) with Naomi.

Stay tuned…

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