Beach Soccer Slam Photo Gallery

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beach soccer

Santa Barbara's Beach Soccer Slam took place on a perfect Saturday at the beach.

The Open Division championship match came down to a shootout. Micah Ohlen makes his attempt.

One of the nicer goals of the day captured on camera.

Freddie De Leon finds an opening to the goal for Team CWB.

Keeping control of a dribble can be challenging on the uneven sand.

Team CWB had plenty to cheer for

Gene Deering takes a shot for AV Boas

AV Boas

2011 Beach Soccer Slam champions AV Boas (Not in order of appearance): Joe Ferreira, Gene Deering, Jarryd Hensel, Roman Stahl, Tyler Dittman, Rony Arguetta, Erik Quevedo, Alan Gudino, Shawn McDonald

Team Beach Rat competed for the second-straight year


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