2010-11 Athletes of the Year

UCSB's Orlando Johnson, men's basketball player of the year, cracked a smile when the MC lauded his choice to withdraw from the NBA draft in order to return for his senior season.

This is the list of the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table’s Athletes of the Year for the 2010-11 school year.

The athletes were nominated by a coach or athletic director and voted on by the media. They were honored at the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame banquet Monday night at Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Hotel.

Athlete, School, Category

  • Chris Joyce, SBCC Vaqueros, College Baseball
  • Danny Zandona, SBHS Dons, Prep Baseball
  • Tessa Emerson, SBHS Dons, Girls Basketball
  • Emilie Johnson, UCSB Gauchos, Women’s Basketball
  • Orlando Johnson, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Basketball
  • Elias Munoz, Bishop Diego, Boys Basketball
  • Michael Spiritosanto, DPHS Chargers, Prep Football
  • John Uribe, SBCC Vaqueros, College Football
  • Nicole Bullemer,  SBCC Vaqueros, Women’s Golf
  • Vanesa Villa, DPHS Chargers, Girls Golf
  • Glen Scher, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Golf
  • Thayer White, SMHS Royals, Boys Golf
  • Michael Boxall, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Soccer
  • Jessica Domenichelli, SBCC Vaqueros, Women’s Soccer
  • Kai Miller, SBHS Dons, Girls Soccer
  • Avery Schwartz, Cate Rams, Boys Soccer
  • Sanford Spivey, SBHS Dons, Boys Soccer
  • Hannah Harris, DPHS Chargers, Prep Softball
  • Kailey Snyder, SBCC Vaqueros, College Softball
  • Andrea Ward, UCSB Gauchos, Women’s Swimming
  • Chris Peterson, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Swimming
  • Emily Rose Williams, DPHS Chargers, Girls Swimming
  • Josh Pighetti, DPHS Chargers, Boys Swimming
  • Lauren Stratman, DPHS Chargers, Girls Tennis
  • Nicci Yvanovich, SBCC Vaqueros, Women’s Tennis
  • Carlos Lima, Westmont Warriors, Men’s Tennis
  • Chris Grant, SBHS Dons, Boys Tennis
  • Elisabeth Bransgar, SBCC Vaqueros, Women’s Track & Field
  • Andrew Kolodinski, Westmont Warriors, Men’s Track & Field
  • Elysia Hodges,  SMHS Royals, Girls Track & Field
  • Nick Scarvelis, DPHS Chargers, Boys Track & Field
  • Taylor Racich,  DPHS Chargers, Girls Volleyball
  • Kelsey Soos,  SBCC Vaqueros, Women’s Volleyball
  • Jeff Menzel, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Volleyball
  • Clifford Anderson, SBHS Dons, Boys Volleyball
  • Kevin Cappon,  DPHS Chargers, Boys Water Polo
  • Milos Golic, UCSB Gauchos, Men’s Water Polo
  • Kiley Neushul, DPHS Chargers, Girls Water Polo
  • Kathryn Nelson, UCSB Gauchos, Women’s Water Polo
  • Chad Lampe,  DPHS Chargers, Wrestling
  • Erin Campbell, DPHS Chargers, Girls Cross Country
  • Jacob Jeanson, Westmont Warriors, Men’s Cross Country
  • Amanda Moreno, UCSB Gauchos, Women’s Cross Country
  • Sergey Sushchikh, DPHS Chargers, Boys Cross Country