Fantasy sports benefits local baseball programs

Santa Barbara’s Fantasy Baseball League has been established as a fun and worthwhile way for Presidio Sports and our sponsors to give back to the Santa Barbara athletic community.

There are 10 teams involved in battling it out for a $500 donation, with team managers representing the Foresters/Hugs for Cubs, Bishop Diego High School, Carpinteria High School, Dos Pueblos High School, San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara High School, Dos Pueblos Little League, GVSLL Little League, SB Pony League, and Presidio Sports.

If the team managed by Presidio Sports wins, we will donate the winnings to a local sports-related non-profit in Santa Barbara.

It’s a long summer, and we hope you enjoy the days with our national pastime. While checking in to see how your school or organization is doing, don’t miss all of the best Foresters and Little League coverage in town right here on Presidio Sports.

We look forward to establishing fantasy leagues in the fall for our football, basketball, and soccer communities.

Santa Barbara Fantasy Baseball League Standings

1.   Dons Baseball 8 1 0
2.   SB Pony League 6 2 1 1.5
3.   Bishop Diego 6 3 0 2
4.   Presidio Punisher 5 4 0 3
5.   Royals Rule 5 4 0 3
6.   Charger Express 4 5 0 4
7.   Fantasy Foresters 4 5 0 4
8.   GVSLL 3 6 0 5
9.   The WARDiors 2 6 1 5.5
10.   DPLL 1 8 0 7


SBHS Dons 8, DPLL 1
Presidio Punisher 5, Fantasy Foresters 4
SB Pony League 6, The WARDiors 2
Royals Rule 5, Charger Express 4
Bishop Diego 6, GVSLL Little League 3


DPLL vs. The WARDiors
Presidio Punisher vs Charger Express
The Fantasy Foresters vs. Santa Barbara Pony
Bishop Diego vs. Royals Rule
Dons Baseball vs. GVSLL Little League