‘Girls Get Game’ works to reduce ACL injuries in female athletes

The Training Room is the only locally certified Sportmetrics Training Center in Santa Barbara.

Girls Athletic Movement Enhancement is a course specifically developed for girls to acquire the necessary skills and neuromuscular development to decrease common female injuries as well as to improve athletic performance. The average participant has shown to increase vertical jump by three inches.

  • Girls will have serious injuries to their knees at rates 2-10 times more frequent than boys
  • 70 percent of the knees injured will be from non-contact injuries
  • The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons identified 4 risk factors for serious knee injuries. Of these, only neuromuscular training programs were noted as showing potential to decrease ACL injuries
  • Every female athlete needs to be taught how to jump, land, pivot, and position their knee to prevent a serious injury

The Training Room is the only locally certified Sportmetrics Training Center. Sportsmetrics is the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes. It is time to TAKE ACTION and get involved with Sportsmetrics and GAME — the training program for injury prevention AND performance enhancement.

The Training Room is now enrolling girls from the age of 9 an up in their GAME course. Class size will be limited to no more than six. Classes will be 60 minutes over an 8-to-12 week period. Completion of the GAME course will require 24 sessions within the 8-to-12 week period.

Contact the Training Room for class times, availability, and prices at (805) 962-3278.

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