WeissCrax: Singin a Sports Ditty

Longtime local sportswriter John Zant rubs shoulders with Mayor Helene Schneider

Today, we’re gonna ‘shake it up a little’ with yet ‘nother WeissCrax Exclusive!!

This sting investigation focused on those in the field with always pen, pad, cool hi-tech video recorder, laptop, or camera in hand. Then zooming to make deadline.

Yes, always deadlines.

We’re talkin’ sports writers.

Usually found working solo … in small sideline packs … huddled at Harry’s for Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable’s Monday Press Luncheons.

All a friendly fraternity blanketing Santa Barbara sports scene ‘like nobody’s business.’

Comaradie across the competition, amidst greetings like, “Hey, did ‘cha hear…?” Or, ”WOW! Did you see …?”

Good stuff like that.

And soooo …

This exhaustive report is delivered to you right here, right now at Presidio Sports with a twist and a little razzle-dazzle … Vegas style!!

To the cadence of Entertainer Barry Manilow’s ‘I Write the Songs’ we debut (with our apologies to him and his ‘fan-a-lows’) … for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen and kids of all ages …. They Write the Sports.

Don’t remember Barry’s classic oldie? No clue? No worries. Here’s a video that will help fill you in:

Now be bold – sync it up with these brave new lyrics …

Blake Dorfman and Presidio Sports' very own Randy Weiss



They’ve been writing forever

Athletic pieces of all of sorts

They put the words and the photos together

They are media

And they write the sports


They write the sports that sometimes might zing

They write the sports covering special things

They write the sports that make you laugh and cry

They write the sports, they write the sports


They can score deep within you

Melt your heart and touch your soul

It’s like looking out through their eyes

Whether you’re very young or if you’re very old

Dos Pueblos Athletic Director Dan Feldhaus and Presidio Sports' Barry Punzal at the girls water polo CIF title game in Irvine.


They write the sports, features, scores and game reporting

The write the sports about the winning and the losing

They write the sports that make you wonder why

They write the sports, they write the sports


Oh, their words make you dance whether reading or just a glance

Guys like Barry, Blake and Zant are in that groove

Sports that fill your heart, there’s no other place to start

It’s for me, it’s for you

Its for you, it’s for me

Watch Mike Klan and read ‘Mike T’

San Marcos student activities director Aaron Solis and KEYT sports anchor Mike Klan


They write the sports about kids, the small and the very tall

They write the sports all seasons, summer, even (Gerry) Fall

They write the sports that you don’t see

They write the sports, like DeFina – that dude on KEYT


They write the sports so you will knooooow

They write the sports on-line right here at Presidioooo

They write the sports so you don’t have to guess

They write the sports, none better than Patton at New-Press

Mark Patton, Barry Punzal and John Dvorak


(OK – now strong, dramatic finish, Hit it!)



“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

And now the shocker — in the interest of full journalistic sportz disclosure — Barry didn’t
even write: ‘I Write the Songs’!!

Remember — you heard it right here at Presidiooooo …