WeissCrax: The Fantastic Megan Cotich

Fit, Fun & Fantastic – Megan Cotich

She steps back beyond the 3-point arc along the court’s left baseline. Takes a coupla dribbles. Blonde ponytail dances in perfect rhythm. Lets fly a lefty jumper in one smooth, silky motion.

In seemingly slo-mo, the basketball gracefully takes flight … lifts easily off her fingers … spins effortlessly like Earth’s orbit as gravitational forces soon gently tug it from the sky.

Megan, left, with her Momentum 4 Life team.

And, when the ball’s trajectory completes its mission seconds later…


She does it again and again…and with that always smile.

Megan Cotich is in her element. Comfortable, happy and having fun on the court.

She’s home. Actually her home away from home.  Cathedral Oaks Tennis Club.

“We lived here growing up — my brothers Craig, Scott and me,” she says. “Especially summers. Mom would pack us lunch and we’d ride our bikes over in the morning. And we’d ride home before dinner. We’d be here all day long. Everyday.”

It’s where she developed her love of competition and sports — all fostered by a very loving and active family, starting at the top with awesome parents, George and Joan.


Beantown Buddies: Megan and Mom Joan recently visited Fenway Park in Boston.

And she’s as local as it gets…

Attended Kellogg Elementary School, then Goleta Valley Junior High, and San Marcos High School, where Mom is a rockstar English teacher.  Here at the latter, Megan further nurtured her love for the sciences and sports that would soon define her life’s vocation and avocation.

A Bachelors’ in geography, a teaching credential and a Masters degree in Education all followed quickly from UCSB – as did student teaching assignments at La Colina Junior High and  alma mater, SMHS. When a La Colina life sciences teaching position (7th Grade) opened the next September – timing couldn’t be better – she seamlessly slipped right in.

Been there ever since…

“I love working with the kids – they’re so excited to be at a new school. They have no inhibitions about learning. They’re fun and attitude-free,” she offers.

“Walking into Ms. Cotich’s class was always the highlight of my day,” says Lauren, a former La Colina student and now a Bishop HS sophomore. “She was always supportive and positive and will always be one of my favorite teachers.”

Ms. Cotich has had an impact for seven years and experienced lotsa changes this last one…

“I needed a total overhaul,’ claims Cotich. “I was always very active but needed more healthy eating habits. My friend was in Sansum’s Doctors Weight Management Program and I joined, too.”

From Day One last August 18th, she was “totally committed and accountable” (I am a rule follower) — the pounds shed quickly. Thru this Spring – 50 of ‘em melted away.

“I crave salads now,” she says. “And am totally hooked on fruits and veggies!”

She watched another friend compete in the 2009 Santa Barbara Triathlon and immediately, yet  quietly, plotted her next goal (I’M GONNA DO THAT NEXT YEAR!) … and how to get there.

“I knew Momentum 4 Life Founder, Dawn Schroeder since I had her son, Grant in class. I’d see other M4L parents at school and I would see these incredibly fit and positive people at The Club – I wanted that, too!“ she says.

Her rookie M4L season is already yielding surprising and impressive results…

“I planned on walking half of our 1st training course. Running is a challenge. Plus, knee surgery a few years back. But it felt so good, I ran most of the way. I was shocked!” she adds.

Other new skills: stand-up paddle, ocean swimming, yoga and “team java” after practice. It’s the social part of sport that Cotich truly savors …

After she adds TRIATHLETE to her impressive resume in August – it’s back to La Colina and also serving as SMHS Women’s Varsity Tennis Coach and building on a second place Channel League finish in her inaugural season.

She lives and breathes her great Dad’s (sadly, cancer took him 18 years ago, when she was a young teen) philosophy: “If you are not having fun, get off the court.”

On any court — whether hoops, tennis or whatever — Megan Cotich is having the time of her life … surrounding herself with positive people and friends … and teaching life by example.

She still hangs out at Cathedral Oaks. Tennis – sometimes with Mom – swimming and working out with her brand new, fit body.

And she makes it look all soooo easy…



  1. Megan – your zest for life's enjoyments while giving back to our community is a testiment to your upbringing. Keep meeting life head-on, smiling all the way…

  2. Megan – your zest for life's enjoyments while giving back to our community is a testiment to your upbringing. Keep meeting life head-on, smiling all the way…