WeissCrax: Ageless Wonder Fred Clough

Not a postcard – but could be! Fred Clough poses prior to his Race Across America journey.

He’s come a long way…

Literally. Figuratively.

From his birthplace in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

To the golden coast of Santa Barbara.

And for Fred Clough –the son of a U.S. Diplomat – there were many, many stops along the way. He found his calling years ago in this special place we call home.

A lawyer by training and profession — in his latter career years, he served as General Counsel in Corporate America.

Newly retired as of April 1, Clough has left his mark on the local legal community.

But his impact and influence in other facets of community life remains equally strong….

In the “giving and helping world” — Clough has donated thousands of hours, not only to serve but to lead many local non-profit organizations.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Chairman, CADA Board of Directors (current)
  • President. CALM Board
  • President, SB Zoo Board
  • President, Elings Park Foundation Board
  • Vice Chairman, Cottage Hospital Board.

Pretty impressive, huh?

And his athletic achievements put an exclamation mark on life.

The local sports scene recognizes Clough as some kind of an ageless wonder. A guy in such amazing shape that it defies all logic. Fit and trim. Seemingly, no body fat.

Along with seven other local cyclists in 2007, their RACE ACROSS AMERICA team time set a new land speed record for their 60+ age-group.

Still an avid rider – now for fun, Clough will shoot down to Ojai and back – before breakfast!

He is in such great shape – it’s been rumored that AARP has threatened to pull his membership card.

But, more than anything else, he’s a good guy. Great sense of humor.  Active listener.

Plus, he is kicking the you-know-what out of the aging process.


Yes, at age 66, Fred Clough has come a long way – accomplished in his profession … a community builder … and avid, healthy sportsman … a guy who lives life to the fullest.

He will soon re-define the term: active retirement.

So, all the best, Fred — and thanks for being a quiet inspiration….


Fred (r) with fellow ageless wonder, Joe Howell

Ian Miller and Fred catch up over morning java.

Fun Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Fred Clough:

  • Once served as Solvang’s City Attorney.
  • Allegedly attended Stanford Law on a foozball scholarship.
  • Leaps over tall buildings with a running start.
  • Doesn’t do anything without his Peets Coffee everyday.
  • Shaves 20 years off his age and nobody knows.
  • Enjoys cooking.
  • Notorious Cookie Monster.
  • Joe NASCAR in his Porsche.
  • Married to Linda. Have two kids. Two grandkids. Knows how to SKYPE.
  • Is a cool dude. Does yoga.


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