WeissCrax: ‘Nooner on the run

Let’s face it….

Pretty much everyone in the working world knows – whether they dare admit it or not — that life would be incredibly great if they only got “a little action” at lunch.

There, I’ve said it!

Just to be clear — we’re talking something sexy here to get the heart rate up. Maybe even get a little hot and sweaty?

Both my guy friends agree. In fact, they call this phenomenal experience a ‘NOONER.

To me, it’s always meant JOGGING.  Check it out….

The setting for Randy's lunch-time jogs, scenic Lake Carneros

Another eye-pleasing photo from Lake Carneros

From my “corporate man-cave” — I can excitedly dash downstairs to the locker room and transform from Joe Business Executive to Runner Dude in 1 minute, 21 seconds.  With shorts and sneakers on, good endorphins explode prematurely throughout my entire body with anticipation – YOWIE!

Slipping out the back door, it’s a couple of deep breaths before tackling the hill that always teases – the long, gradual one on Los Carneros that sadistically leads up and over the 101 freeway.  Surprisingly, once across and less than one-half mile in, the business world is all behind.

The Goodland’s local landmarks, like the Stow House, are the always comfortable reminders of a slower, more-gentle, non-Blackberry pace of a life, long past.

Before I know it, I’m fully engaged – huffing and puffing – on a worn gravel road hugging Lake Los Carneros – Goleta’s hidden jewel. A majestic beauty sooooo close to work, yet seemingly worlds away.

There are others who are in on Randy's semi-secret Goleta get-away.

It’s life at its best. Spectacular landscape.  Nature in every form and fashion. Ducks resting near shore.  Birds soaring high above. An elderly couple gingerly walking hand-in-hand.  A young mom with her baby in backpack and friendly dog on leash bend over to witness a caterpillar’s journey.

Love and nature is everywhere…

My easy pace spikes up with short sprints in strategic straight-aways, followed by brief recovery respites to savor this near panoramically-pleasing escape. Once on the far side of the lake, it’s off-roading and weaving along a grassy and dirt path.

With the foothills head-on, a zillion memories of exploring nature while growing up on flat Long Island (NY) excite my senses. Sometimes on a good day, I even hear, inside my cranium, Julie Andrew’s belting out The Sound of Music lyrics: “The hills are alive….”

Then cutting back through the tree-line eventually pulls me towards the cool wooden bridge where I either sprint or stop over the water weeds standing straight up and where ducks search for food.

The wooden bridge is often a brief stopping point.

Up the last little dirt hill brings me to the back of Stow House. And like everything else that feels so incredibly awesome, the end comes too quickly.

Once is never enough. The second time around the lake only adds to this exotic pleasure.

Once done, the return trip to the business world is not nearly as exhilarating. Except, of course, for the last downhill blitz, where colleagues are bound to see me.  The only problem with finishing strong is the longer cool-down period – but it’s all worth fooling anyone who may think I always run at 127 mph.

After showering, changing back into my work clothes and returning to the corporate confines, this entire athletic sensation leaves me feeling very satisfied. Puts a BIG smile on my face!

And as you might expect, I can’t wait to do it again –soon!

So when it comes to work and whatever your noontime fantasy — just remember you can always escape the daily grind by scoring “a little action” on the side.

Whoops. Forgot! You already knew….

‘Nooner Running Tips

  • Stay hydrated in the morning to ensure peak performance.
  • Suntan lotion provides protection & the smell flashes that fleeting Hawaiian va-cay feeling.
  • No messing around by stretching – just go for it!
  • Pace yourself as you enter course & remember the return trip.
  • Savor beautiful scenery. Remind yourself how lucky you truly are,
  • Speed up if you see friends, colleagues or in high-traffic areas.  Hello?
  • THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.  This time is all about YOU!
  • Know that everyone who sees you thinks,” Gosh, I should be doing that, you knucklehead.”
  • Sometimes best not to look up. Like when running big hills.
  • Smile. Look like you are always having fun. Fake it if you have to.

# # #

Randy Weiss WeissCrax appears regularly at Presidiosports.com