WeissCrax: Facebook brings it back for former soccer Dad

Thought life was hectic … then it really exploded. Yes – joined Facebook.


Now I’m stealing time I didn’t even have, tracking lives of my best friends (53, so far) — sharing intimate and mundane stuff, including with some long-lost amigos last seen in the early 1970’s.

Where did the years go? And how did I ever survive without all this useful info?

But it was a local friend’s 6:44 p.m. Friday “wall posting” (4 comments as of Sunday 12:01PM) that truly touched me:

“Next two weekends entirely Club Soccer! This weekend in Camarillo and Lancaster – next weekend Santa Barbara – 11 games to watch in the next nine days!”

I’ve been there. Used to be a soccer dad … then my kids grew up when I blinked.

Since the traveling-soccer-Dad days are over, Randy now hangs out with some zany “Momentum-4-Lifers” doing 7 a.m. Saturday track workouts – even in the rain.

Two wonderful daughters, Kelsey and Taryn, played AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization AKA “All Your Saturdays are Over”) and club for many years. Both away at college now. My soccer traveling days are all in the rearview mirror. Looking back – what an incredible ride!

In fact, one trip in February 2001 – I remember it well. I was so moved in meeting another dad and his young autistic son that I wrote it up. When my Bakersfield Buddies conveniently found daylight for National Autism Month (I was clue-less), it flamed a long-flickering writing passion.

And in all those zillion tournaments in far-flung soccer time-zones far from home, spending quality time with my girls, and hanging out with other cool soccer families was the best — though sometimes overwhelming when seemingly both days, every weekend.

Cheering their many teams while they played. Chillin’on the road when they didn’t. Grabbing fast food all the time. It was constant “life on the GO-GO-GO!!”

Randy with his all-grown-up daughters, Kelsey, left, and Taryn.

Will always cherish a prestigious honor bestowed on me and parental peers, Jim Kreyger and Dean White — we’re charter members of the critically-acclaimed and self-proclaimed, Dorky Dads Club (More on that story here). Membership came from singing classic oldies in Jim’s Suburban while our pre-teen daughters laughed, screamed and threw stuff at us.

The more they complained, the louder we sang – too funny!  Wrote that one up too…

As fun as these trips were … every so often, I’d selfishly fantasize about having some private downtime to re-charge drained personal batteries.

Now I know…

With my girls now grown, soccer is over. No more trips. Weekends are all mine.

I now hang out with some zany “Momentum-4-Lifers” doing 7AM Saturday track workouts – even in the rain.

As much as I enjoy exercising with my new running friends – I’d trade it all in a heartbeat to travel to one more tournament with each of my young soccer daughters again.

Like that TV commercial: “Life comes at you fast.”

Did I just say friends?  OMG!!  Gotta go!! Facebook!!


TOP TIPS — Life on the soccer run

  • The further the destination – the higher probability of having an 8AM Saturday game.
  • Don’t wear a wild Hawaiian shirt on the sidelines if you are barking at the refs. Trust me, here.
  • Always stay at a hotel that has a pool and Jacuzzi. You know why.
  • Weekend soccer traveling is a happy opportunity to escape dreaded house chores and extensive honey-do projects, without penalty.
  • Fleeting feelings of “winning vs. losing/early return home confliction” are perfectly normal.
  • Always take your exercise gear – grabbing a run or workout on the road, where possible, is good for the soul and your slipping sanity.
  • Stay hydrated – java and water by day. Vino with other cool parents by night.
  • Yes, everybody knows you’d likely never vacation in exotic destinations you’re travelling, if not for soccer: Lancaster. Bakersfield. San Bernadino (my fave).
  • Speed dial 1.800.786.1000 and In n’ Out Burger will guide you in. From anywhere.
  • Don’t blink.

Randy Weiss WeissCrax appears regularly at Presidiosports.com