Lakey’s Lines: Team USA makes it to New Zealand

We have been in New Zealand for a couple days now. It is one of the cleanest, most beautiful places we have ever seen. The waves at Piha are really fun. It’s supposed to get pretty big tomorrow for the start of the contest. Parker and Conner Coffin both surf in the AM heats. I won’t start till the next day or possibly the next according to the waves.



Today we all went into Auckland for the opening ceremonies. It was really cool. All the countries surfers get dressed up in their uniforms and parade down the main boardwalk. So many people were there cheering for the United States.

Team USA at Wednesday's Opening Ceremonies in Aukland. (ISA Media)

The Maori dancers did a big ceremony for us, that was kinda scary but super fun to watch. then all the teams brought sand from their country and poured it one by one into this big container.

One of the highlights of the day was getting lost on the way there in our USA caravan and breaking every traffic law imaginable (off roading on sidewalks, backing up on ramps, u turning everywhere), but laughing the whole way and living to tell about it.

The people here say the most dangerous thing in New Zealand are the American drivers! You drive on the opposite side of the road here, so it’s challenging. My dad did a great job though.

So we start tomorrow, stay tuned and keep positive thoughts going for team Santa Barbara (Conner, Lakey and Parker) and of course Team USA!!!!

We hear it’s raining in SB, sorry, it’s summer here, but we had a bit of rain too.

Lakey Peterson

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